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Alternative Protein Market for Animal Feed to exceed $4.5bn by 2027

  • Published Date: October 13, 2021

Alternative Protein Market for Animal Feed Application size is anticipated to surpass USD 4.5 billion by 2027, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights Inc.

Shifting consumer preferences towards protein-rich food products including eggs, meat, chicken, and fish should accelerate livestock production across the globe, in turn raising the product demand from animal feed applications. The EU Commission's favorable regulatory amendments pertaining to the use of alternative proteins in animal feed products rather than antibiotics for growth stimulation is supporting market expansion. The product’s capability to reduce the risk of transmission of antibiotic resistant bacteria from animals to humans is expected to boost the requirement for alternative protein market for animal feed applications.

Increasing pet ownership will stimulate market growth from the pet food segment

Global alternative protein market for animal feed application from pet food segment is projected to register around 7% CAGR over the predicted period. The increasing pet ownership in the developed region especially in countries like U.S. Canada, New Zealand is among the major reasons fueling pet food demand. Rising consumers focus on feeding an adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins to their pets and their concern toward their pet health, should accelerate the market demand over the forecast period.

Insect proteins find wide uses as flavor enhancers as they make the taste and flavor of pet food more desirable for dogs. Furthermore, alternative proteins help to improve digestive systems and immune systems of cats and dog without any allergic reactions. Emerging pet diseases like indigestion and low metabolism have fueled demand for high-quality, effective nutrients to keep pets healthy, resulting in market expansion. Market expansion is being pushed by increasing purchasing power and expenditure on pet health and wellness. Pet owners are becoming more conscious of the nutritional benefits of the pet food they buy. For pet owners, nutrition has taken on a new significance. As a result, pet food manufacturers have begun to include protein, nutrients, and vitamins in their products to give them a higher nutritional value.

Browse key industry insights spread across 420 pages with 510 market data tables and 53 figures & charts from the report, “Alternative Protein Market for Animal Feed Application Statistics By Product (Insect Protein, Soy Protein Isolates, Soy Protein Concentrates, Fermented Soy Protein, Duckweed Protein, Single Cell Protein {Algae Protein, Grain Protein, Fungal Protein, Yeast Protein}, Hamlet Protein) By Livestock (Poultry [Broiler, Layer, Turkey, Others], Swine [Starter, Grower, Sow], Cattle [Dairy, Calf, Others], Aquaculture [Salmon, Trout’s, Shrimps, Carp, Others], Pet Food, Equine), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Application Potential, Price Trend, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2021 – 2027in detail along with the table of contents:


Increasing demand for highly functional, digestible source of amino acids in feed products should stimulate the demand for Soy protein isolates product

Alternative protein market for animal feed application from soy protein isolates is anticipated to witness a significant CAGR of around 7.5% during the forecast period. Soy protein isolates is anticipated to show a high pace of growth in the forecast period owning to rising vegan trends around the world. Consumers increasingly prefer plant-based ingredients for their pet’s food. It is also offering highly functional, digestible source of amino acids and proteins for pet food, calf milk replacers and piglet diets. Hence these factors fuel the demand of soy protein isolates in the animal feed industry.

Soybeans are a great quality protein due to their amino acid content like in meat, and they’re a good source of fiber, minerals, and complex carbs. In which soy protein isolate containing around 90% of crude protein. Additionally, soy protein isolate is highly used in the animal feed industry as it provides multiple benefits such as it provides high-quality protein from soy, highly digestible protein, includes low antigenicity, where they are also a source of balanced amino acids and proteins for high performance diets provides rapid dispersibility and excellent suspension properties. Hence, these multiple benefits of soy protein isolate for animal feed led to fuel the alternative protein market for animal feed application over the forecasted period.

Asia Pacific market is gaining traction owing to the growing industrial livestock production along with high-quality additives

Asia Pacific alternative protein market for animal feed application is anticipated to register around 8.5% CAGR through 2027. Growing seafood consumption in China, India, and Japan is likely to fuel the regional market statistics. As alternative protein for animal feed and pet food are widely used as feed attractants to improve the texture, flavor, and odor of the aquaculture feed. Additionally, rising animal-based food consumption in developing countries especially in China led to accelerate the demand of alternative protein over the forecast period.

Key manufacturers of the alternative protein market for animal feed application are investing in several activities, such as mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, and innovation, as it beneficial for several livestock which includes poultry, swine, cattle, aquaculture, and pet food. Some of the key players operating in the market are Hamlet Protein, DuPont De Nemours, Archer Daniel Midland Company, Nordic Soya, Deep Branch Biotechnology, CHS Inc., Agriprotein, Innovafeed  and Darlington Ingredients.

Authors: Kunal Ahuja, Sarita Bayas