Research Services

Industry reports

Global Market Insights offers quality market research reports, publishing over 200 studies every year. These reports are created for a host of industries, providing in-depth market data and forecast, analyzing key business trends and identifying and highlighting potential growth avenues across the entire value chain.

Our teams of experienced and consummate research professionals constantly track key industries, identifying key developments, unmet needs and potential growth opportunities. Our reports are designed to provide a very clear understanding of the business environment, breaking down the market in a systematic process to highlight focus areas for our clients.

A typical market research report includes:

  • Market snapshot    
  • Market Segmentation
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Growth Dynamics 
    • Drivers
    • Challenges
  • Potential Market Opportunities
  • Regulatory Overview
  • Technology Evolution
  • Innovation & Sustainability
  • Product Market Insights
  • Application Market Insights
  • Regional Market Insights         
    • Region-wise Trends
    • Country-level Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape         
    • Company Market Share Analysis
    • Key Company Profiles


Research subscription practice

Organizations often require services of a dedicated team of research professionals over a period. Global Market Insights provides a sustainable model for clients, where we offer a dedicated team of experts, to address all business research and market intelligence needs.

Benefits associated with growth partnership include:


  • Dedicated research team, with 24x7 support
  • Analyst support for ad-hoc research requirements
  • Regular analyst briefings and periodic deliverables
  • Access to research studies and industry database at subsidized costs
  • Options for creating custom research projects

Consulting practice

Global Market Insights consulting practice engages with clients to partner in creating growth platforms. We only accept consulting assignments only if we believe that we can create value for our clients and ensure that the benefits exceed our professional fees. 

Growth Opportunity Assessment (GOA)

It is imperative for organizations to have sustainable forward looking growth programs, to ensure business success. Our consulting professionals are adept at understanding client business competence and identifying tangible growth opportunities. In addition to the growth program, our consultants are also proficient in designing and strategic model around the growth objective, with a detailed route-to-market analysis, competencies to be leveraged and developed, as well as any potential pitfalls.

Growth Opportunity Assessment (GOA) services involve close interaction with our clients, to develop deep understanding of their businesses, current competencies and long-term objectives. GOA starts with data, matched with a comprehensive understanding of business dynamics and industry best practices. This combination of industry, functional and analytical expertise enables our consulting teams to identify the best opportunities and anticipate as well as address potential barriers to impact.

Customer Insights (CI)

The CI practice provides our clients with fact-based and penetrating insights from their customers. These insights and inputs from our CI analysts are often critical to key business processes such as product planning, new product development, distribution route planning and sales force development.

Our CI team interacts with clients to obtain a clear understanding of their products, services and business model. Extensive research is then carried out, that also involves exhaustive primary interviews with key customers, understanding their preferences and unmet needs. All our findings are mapped in an actionable model, with strategic recommendations from our experts.

Competitive Business Intelligence (CBI)

Business intelligence is a critical component for any strategic venture. With this in mind, Global Market Insights offers research and consulting services focused on achieving competitive leverage, with acquiring and preserving market position as key aims of the program.

Our CBI consultants work closely with the client, leveraging their expertise and strong knowledge base to identify and evaluate competition and chalk out strategic programs, with short-term goals and long-term objectives.

Distribution Channel Assessment (DCA)

DCA services primarily offer critical insights with respect to design, development and maintenance of a strong distribution model for companies. With teams of dynamic SCM professionals and operations and sales marketing experts, we help organizations to improve ROI by leveraging efficiencies in their distribution models.

In addition, we also provide actionable analysis in key processes such as vendor selection, partner management, sales force management and procurement strategy.

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