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Carbon Credit Market Analysis

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  • Published Date: Oct 2023
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Carbon Credit Market Analysis

Carbon Credit Market Size, By Type, 2021 - 2032 (USD Billion)

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Based on type, the compliance carbon credit industry is witnessing dynamic business trends shaped by regulatory changes, market demands, and evolving sustainability goals. Governments and regulatory bodies are consistently raising the bar with more stringent emissions reduction targets, making compliance carbon credits essential for companies. The market is experiencing a surge in demand as organizations commit to carbon neutrality, driven by voluntary pledges and mandatory compliance mandates.

  • Carbon pricing mechanisms, such as carbon taxes and cap-and-trade systems, are incentivizing companies to invest in these credits.
  • Nature-based solutions, like reforestation and afforestation projects, are gaining prominence for their carbon sequestration and additional environmental benefits.
  • Technological advancements, particularly in blockchain and data analytics, are boosting transparency and trust in carbon credit market.
  • Companies increasingly integrate compliance carbon credits into their sustainability initiatives, appealing to eco-conscious investors and consumers.
  • Cross-industry collaborations are also on the rise, as companies join forces to fund and develop carbon offset projects, collectively addressing emissions and advancing sustainability goal
Carbon Credit Market Revenue Share, By End Use, 2022

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Based on end use, the forestry and land-use end use segment is projected to showcase 14% growth rate up to 2032. Afforestation and reforestation projects have emerged as pivotal players in the carbon credit market, spearheading a notable transformation in climate mitigation strategies. These initiatives are garnering increasing recognition for their dual impact—efficiently sequestering carbon while simultaneously championing biodiversity preservation and ecosystem restoration.

The industry stands on the cusp of expansion, driven by rising climate consciousness among both consumers and investors, and the worldwide upsurge in eco-friendly initiatives. Forestry and land-use projects that offer concrete climate and societal benefits are attracting considerable interest. Furthermore, the multifaceted approach adopted by these projects, combining carbon sequestration with biodiversity preservation, community engagement, and sustainable land management practices, positions them as central trends in the continually evolving market expansion.

Europe Carbon Credit Market, 2021 - 2032 (USD Billion)

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Europe carbon credit market held approximately 76.1% of the revenue share in 2022. The combination of regulatory measures, corporate commitment, public pressure, and global leadership makes Europe a region where the carbon credit is highly prioritized and actively supported. The region has set ambitious emission reduction targets, such as the European Green Deal's objective to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To meet these targets, the market plays a crucial role in helping companies and nations offset their emissions and achieve compliance.

European companies are increasingly committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Carbon credits are integral to these commitments, allowing businesses to demonstrate their dedication to environmental stewardship. However, European consumers and investors are increasingly environmentally conscious and seek out sustainable and responsible businesses. As a result, companies prioritize carbon credits to align with these expectations.

Authors: Ankit Gupta, Shashank Sisodia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The market valuation of carbon credit was surpassed USD 103.8 billion in 2023 and is expected to expand at over 14.8% CAGR from 2024 to 2032, driven by the expansion of carbon pricing mechanisms and the growing need for corporate sustainability initiatives, supported by favorable government policies.

Compliance carbon credit or carbon offset market is poised to expand at over 13.5% CAGR from 2023 to 2032, owing to the rising commitment of organizations to carbon neutrality along with voluntary pledges and mandatory compliance mandates.

Europe held over 76.1% share of the carbon credit industry in 2022 and is expected to grow at notable CAGR from 2023 to 2032, driven by the combination of regulatory measures, corporate commitment, and public pressure to promote carbon neutrality in the region.

Some leading carbon credit firms are The Carbon Trust, Climate Impact Partners, South Pole, 3Degrees, VERRA, TerraPass, CarbonClear, PwC, EcoAct, ClimeCo LLC., Ecosecurities, ALLCOT, The Carbon Collective Company, Sterling Planet Inc., WGL Holdings, Inc., and Green Mountain Energy Company.

Carbon Credit Market Scope

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