Global Photoacid Generators Market for Semiconductor Industry size worth over $4.03 billion by 2026

According to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the Global Photoacid Generators Market for Semiconductor Industry size is set to surpass USD 4.03 billion by 2026. Increasing demand for photoacid generators from the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry is likely to drive the growth of the market.

Increasing use of microelectronic assemblies in technologically advanced electronic devices such as robots, vehicles, laptops, mobile phones and consumer electronics may further boost the growth of the photoacid generators market. Also, increasing efforts being undertaken by the governments of different countries to promote the use of cellular electronics and internet usage may raise the demand of the product in the coming years.


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Technological advancements in catalysis process coupled with development of photoacid generator salts to trigger the growth of the global photoacid generators market for semiconductor industry

The catalysis process for manufacturing the product occurs in the presence of strong fluorine-containing acids such as hexafluoro phosphoric or hexafluoro antimonic acids for photocuring of polymers. The development of chemically amplified positive photoresists through the application of PAG of strong fluorine-containing compounds is one of the major technological advancements of the product. Triphenylsulfonium Nonafluorobutanesulfonate (TPS) salt used in EUV application for photolithography application is expected to reach USD 610.36 Million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 7.9% over the forecast period.

Key players are working towards the development of photoactive molecules which can release acidic groups either in solution or at the solid-state under controlled illumination. For instance, Wako Pure Chemical, a subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation has developed diazodisulfone and triphenylsulfonium salts required by photoacid generators for the semiconductor industry.  Players are also investing heavily in developing semiconductor packaging material, chemically amplified and display resists applications.  

Browse key industry insights spread across 575 pages with 719 market data tables and 13  figures & charts from the report, “Global Photoacid Generators Market for Semiconductor Industry By Application [Photolithography {EUV (Ionic PAG (Triarylsulfonium salts (Triphenylsulfonium Nonafluorobutanesulfonate (TPS), Tri (4-methoxy- 3-methylphenyl) Sulfonium Nonafluorobutanesulfonate (MMP), Tri (4-methoxy-3-phenylphenyl) Sulfonium Nonafluorobutanesulfonate (MPP), Tri(4-methoxy-3,5-dimethylphenyl) Sulfonium Nonafluorobutanesulfonate (MDP), Non-Ionic PAG (Aryl sulfonates, Sulphones), I-Line {Ionic PAG (Aryldiazonium, Diaryliodonium, Triarylsulfonium, Triarylphosphonium salts, Triamonium salts), Non-Ionic PAG (Diazonapthoquinone (DNQ), Triamonium salts, Imino Sulfonates, N-hydroxyimide sulfonate)}, ArF {Ionic PAG (Triphenylsulfonium perfluorobutanesulfonate (TPSPB), bis(4-tertbutylphenyl) iodonium perfluorobutanesulfonate (BPIPB)), Non-Ionic PAG (Oxime Sulfonate)} KrF {Ionic PAG (Sulfonium Salts), Non-Ionic PAG (Halogen based Compounds, Oxime Sulfonates)}, Photoengraving [{Ionic PAG (Aryldiazonium, Diaryliodonium, Triarylsulfonium, Triarylphosphonium salts, Triamonium Salts} Non-Ionic PAG {2-(4-Methoxystyryl)-4,6-bis(trichloromethyl)-1,3,5-triazine (CAS 42573-57-9)}, Printed Circuit Boards {Ionic PAG (Sulfonyldiazomethane)}, Non-Ionic PAG (Aryl sulfonates, Sulphones)] , Industry Analysis Report, Country Outlook, Application Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2020 – 2026” in detail along with the table of contents:

Increasing demand from photoengraving and printed circuit board applications may foster global photoacid generators market for semiconductor industry growth

Photoengraving application is expected to reach USD 570.99 Million by 2026 from USD 397.34 Million in 2019 growing at a CAGR of 5.8% throughout the estimated timeframe. Increasing demand for high performance & miniature semiconductors and shift in consumer preference towards the use of advanced electronic devices may boost the photoacid generators market share. Heavy investment into research and development by key players to develop technologically more advanced solutions to sustain their position in the competitive market is likely to further promote market growth.

Furthermore, rising demand for durable, safe and high-performance electronics in both residentials and commercial sectors is likely to augment the photoacid generators market share. The ability to be applied on a variety of substrates such as metal, glass and plastic may further raise the demand for photoengraving technique. Increasing demand for patterning of semiconductor chips is expected to raise the demand for Aryldiazonium PAGs, thus propelling the growth of ionic PAG in photoengraving application.

Printed circuit board application garner a market size of USD 326.13 Million in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period. High level of penetration of automation technologies and increasing demand for high performance solutions is likely to foster the photoacid generators market demand. The economical nature, safe and tested solutions and high penetration of PAGs in semiconductor industry may contribute to the growth of the market.

High adoption rate of technology to trigger the demand for photoacid generators for semiconductor industry in North America

North America photoacid generators market for semiconductor industry is expected to reach USD 1,171.02 Million by 2026 from USD 762.05 Million in 2019. Rapid adoption of technology coupled with the presence of major players in semiconductor manufacturing in North America is likely to boost the product growth. Presence of major semiconductor manufacturing players in North America is justified by the fact that U.S. semiconductor firms held the largest market share of around 45% in the total semiconductor manufacturing industry in 2018 as per a report released by Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

Sales of semiconductors by U.S. headquartered firms were around USD 208.9 billion in 2018. U.S. exports of semiconductors were worth USD 44 billion in 2018, which is the largest of U.S. exports of all electronic goods. High investment by U.S. semiconductor firms in research and development may further raise the photoacid generators market demand in the years to come.

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