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Cast-In-Place Concrete Flooring Market in North America worth $4.5 BN by 2027

  • Published Date: August 3, 2021

Cast-in-Place Concrete Flooring Market size in North America is set to exceed USD 4.5 billion by 2027; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights Inc.

Rising government expenditure and policies toward infrastructural development and construction by using public private partnership models across the region will drive the industry growth. Cast-in-place concrete flooring service providers use additives to improve concrete properties such as entraining agents and retarders. In case of air entraining agents, the major raw materials are soaps made up of natural resins as well as synthetic, ionic, and non-ionic surfactants. This flooring creates air bubbles in the concrete, which act as rollers and help in making the workability better. They are also very essential in freeze thaw cycles and give a cushion effect on the expanding water while concreting in cold climates.

The demographics of North America has been changing over the past decade. Currently, the population distribution is gravitating toward Canada, driven largely by immigration flows and movement of young people on account of abundance of employment opportunities. The regional economy has been diversified into knowledge-based industries in advanced technology, finance, manufacturing, and energy over the past three decades. It is also benefiting from the established transport network, energy infrastructure, and an attractive business climate. The region witnessed a significant economy boost from the tourist industry. The automotive sector has proliferated, driving investments and employment growth in many areas.

North America Cast-In-Place Concrete Flooring Market

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Browse key industry insights spread across 170 pages with 130 market data tables, 38 figures & charts from the report, “North America Cast-in-Place Concrete Flooring Market Size By Sector (Logistics & Distribution/Warehousing [E-commerce/E-Fulfilment, 3PL Warehousing, Container Storage, Retail/FMCG, Lumber Yard Storage & Manufacturing], Automotive Industry [Assembly, Parts Warehousing], Aviation Industry [Assembly, Hangars & Apron Slabs, Maintenance], Pharmaceutical/Chemical Industry [Factory, Warehousing], Data Centers, Recycling Facilities, Textile [Manufacturing, Warehousing], Food & Beverage [Manufacturing, Warehousing], Heavy Equipment/Construction Equipment Manufacturing & Distribution), By Technique (Prestressed Concrete, Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Traditional Floor), COVID-19 Impact Analysis, Country Outlook, Application Growth Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2021 – 2027” in detail along with the table of contents:

Growing food & beverage processing sector

The food & beverages application generated revenue of over USD 635 million in 2020. The industry is growing rapidly due to the high per capita consumption of food & beverage. The regional F&B industry is large and consists of multi?tiered supply chains. The industry is subjected to extreme competition and regulatory environment, making warehouses and regulatory-compliant manufacturing facilities important. The primary drivers of the industry are demographics such as age, population, disposable income, household size, and consumer preferences & trends. Growing restaurants, hotels, fast food joints, etc. is likely to augment the cast-in-place concrete flooring market demand.

Multiple benefits of steel fiber reinforced concrete flooring will foster demand

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) flooring is predicted to reach USD 615 million by 2027 in North America. SFRCs have added advantages compared to traditional concrete flooring as they reduce slab costs, provide better crack control, reduce construction time, have good impact resistance, and others. A ground bearing SFRC slab is most commonly used in industrial and commercial buildings or warehouses. Regionally, governments are making substantial investments in major infrastructure projects to boost their economies. There are several other major infrastructure projects, which will also help in making a notable contribution to the overall market demand.

Strong presence of end user industries will boost the Canada market share

The Canada cast-in-place concrete flooring market size is forecast to register growth rate of over 2.9% through 2027 on account of its growing applications in building & construction, manufacturing, warehouses, and distribution & transportation industries. Canada has witnessed a strong year-on-year growth in construction activities except for a few years in the middle of this decade. Developments in the construction industry determine the diversity of the Canadian household stock. Owning a home is a major asset, which led to the expansion of the residential construction industry.

Expansion of business operations will provide a positive outlook for manufacturers

Contractors and manufacturers are infusing capital for plant expansions and R&D to develop green concrete that contains low carbon footprint and latest techniques.

Major players involved in the cast-in-place concrete flooring market in North America are Elevation Flooring, CoGri USA Inc., Koydol, Fluor, Kalman Floor Company, Skanska, and Megaslab, among several others.

Authors: Kiran Pulidindi, Sayan Mukherjee

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