Xylitol Market Size By Application (Chewing Gum, Confectionary, Food, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals), Downstream Application Potential (Xylaric Acid, Ethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Production Technology, Price Trend, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2017– 2024

Published Date: Aug 2019  |  Report ID: GMI795  |  Authors: Kunal Ahuja, Kritika Mamtani

Report Format: PDF   |   Pages: 170   |   Base Year: 2016

Summary Table of Contents Industry Coverage Methodology

Industry Trends

Xylitol Market size was over USD 825 million in 2017 industry expects consumption at over 1 million ton up to 2024. 


UK Xylitol Market Size, By Application, 2017 & 2024, (Kilo Tons)

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Rising consumer awareness on wellness and increasing consciousness towards choice of healthy products resulting in demand for low calorie preparations should accelerate market share. Increasing consumer inclination towards organic products should increase product demand as it is extracted from plant sources such as fruits and vegetables. Rapid urbanization and changing consumer preferences for sugar free products is expected to drive market growth. Brazil chewing gum market size surpassed USD 1.25 million in 2017 owing to rising consumer concern on tooth decay. It is widely used in manufacturing natural sweeteners in chewing gums as it offers various dental protective benefits from problems such as tooth decay & sensitivity, gum degradation, and dry mouth which should accelerate market share.

Changing consumer outlook towards healthy snacks and low-calorie confectionary products such as chocolates, energy & protein bars, jelly, candy, and marshmallow preparations should trigger market growth. UK chocolate consumption was over was over 120 thousand tons in 2017 owing to rising awareness of potential benefits of chocolates such as antioxidant nature. It can be used in confectionary products for adults & infants and allows flexibility to mix with other sugar substitutes for production of cakes, pastries, strudels, and croissants which should stimulate market share.

Rising consumption of dietary supplements to complement protein intake along with changing consumer outlook on low calorie products and taste enhancers made from natural products should foster market share. These supplements in the form of syrups, chewables, and tablets are consumed by aged people and athletes. Moreover, its low calorific value helps in weight management which should encourage product demand.

This substance is found in small amounts in many fruits and vegetables and is difficult to extract which should hamper market growth. It can cause digestive problems such as bloating and diarrhea as alcohol present in sugar can get fermented by gut bacteria and can increase the sale of substitute products such as stevia and coconut sugar. Companies are trying to overcome this by extracting it from various sources with less concentration of alcohol and improving digestibility by adding natural vitamins to dilute effect of alcohol in gut which should boost market share.

Xylitol Market Report Coverage
Report Coverage Details
Base Year: 2016
Historical Data for: 2013 to 2016 Forecast Period: 2017 to 2024
Pages: 170 Tables, Charts & Figures: 122
Geographies covered (13): U.S., Germany, UK, France, Finland, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico
Segments covered: Application, and Region
Companies covered (22): Cargill, Inc, Danisco A/S (DuPont), Roquette Freres, Ingredion, CSPC Shengxue Glucose, Mitsubishi Shoji Foodtech, ZuChem, Thomson Biotech, NovaGreen, Inc., Futaste Co., DFI Corporation, Zhejiang Huakang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Xylitol Canada, Inc., Xylitol UK, Jining Hengda Green Engineering Co. Ltd., CarboMer, Inc., Shandong Biobridge Technology Co. Ltd., Foodchem International Corporation, A & Z Food Additives Co. Ltd., Tangyin Hung Industrial Co. Ltd., Herboveda India, Asiamerica Group, Inc.

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Xylitol Market, By Application

Personal care application was valued at about USD 60 million in 2017. Increasing prevalence of dental problems among adults & children due to poor eating habits and changing outlook towards herbal oral care products is a major factor stimulating market growth.  Rise in consumer consciousness towards oral health has increased consumption of teeth whiting whitening products. This product is widely used in combination with fluoride in teeth whitening products as it reduces the demineralization of tooth surface and promotes remineralization process on enamel. Rising demand for high quality products and increasing consumer inclination towards more targeted dental solutions should accelerate market growth.

Rising consumer preference for preventive medically enhanced dermatological products especially in China, India, and Thailand is expected to trigger market growth from pharmaceutical application which surpassed USD 30 million in 2017. It is widely used in manufacturing ointments, gels, lotions, creams, and serums with rejuvenating characteristics to treat & reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and scars. Increasing consumer inclination towards natural cosmetics and changing consumer spending pattern is projected to further boost market share in medically prescribed cosmetics.

Xylitol Market, By Downstream Application Potential

Xylaric acid application was valued at about USD 120 million in 2017. Rising chemical industry growth owing to demand from various end industries such as automobiles, oil & gas, healthcare, construction, textile, and plastic should stimulate market share. It is widely used in production of xylaric acid by electrolytic method as it is economical in nature, does not produce toxic waste & fumes, and the reaction remains chemically stable at a wide temperature range. Xylaric acid  is widely used in manufacturing polymers utilized in automobile and textile industry which should trigger product demand.

Ethylene glycol application was valued at about USD 25 billion in 2017. Increasing demand for P & E series glycol ethers such as ethylene glycol and propylene glycol should foster market share. They are widely used in manufacturing paints, printing inks, coatings, and chemical intermediaries. It is widely used in manufacturing ethylene glycol and propylene glycol by undergoing hydrogenolysis as it is economic in nature and has a high yield rate. Rising construction and renovation activities in Hungary, Serbia, Estonia, and Poland  owing to liberal government regulations and easy availability of housing loans should increase the demand of glycol ethers thus boosting market share.

Xylitol Market, By Region

North America, driven by U.S. and Mexico xylitol market demand may register significant growth over 6.5% up to 2024. Rise in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity owing to increased consumption of sugary products such as pastries, chocolates, crepes, and cream biscuits should trigger market share. It is widely used in manufacturing sugar substitutes owing to low calorific value which makes it attractive to consumers trying to control insulin levels and weight. Common sugar is one the major causes of coronary heart disease as it triggers obesity & cholesterol levels. According to American Heart Association, over 40% of deaths in U.S. in 2017 were attributed to coronary heart disease which is changing consumer outlook on low calorie and natural diets. Changing consumer perceptions towards healthy diets and rising awareness on potential benefits of naturally derived sugar substitutes should encourage product demand.

Europe xylitol market demand driven by Germany, UK, and France should surpass USD 380 million by 2024. Increasing regulations on harmful chemicals such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate in hair care products is increasing consumer awareness of natural shampoo’s and conditioners. The substance is widely used in manufacturing hair care products owing to its humectant properties which helps in preserving moisture thus preventing commons problems such as dandruff and dry scalp. Extreme cold climatic conditions in Europe and rising stigma towards dry scalp conditions such as flaking & hair loss should accelerate market share.

Asia Pacific led by India, Japan, and China market size was valued at over USD 160 million in 2017 and may exceed in the foreseeable timeframe. Increasing prevalence of gum diseases and oral problems owing to rising consumption of alcohol, smoking trends, confectionary goods such as caramelized sweets and chocolates should foster market share. Over 10% of female population in Australia were regular smokers in 2016 owing to rising trends of vaping among the youth and easy availability of electronic cigarettes. It is widely used in manufacturing herbal toothpaste and mouth wash products as it strengthens gums and reduces plaque. Changing consumer outlook on oral health is increasing the demand for naturally derived teeth whitening products and chewing gums which should foster market growth.

Xylitol Market Share

Global xylitol market share is moderately consolidated with top four industry participants catering to over 40% of overall demand. Major players include Futaste Pharmaceutical, Danisco (DuPont), Yucheng Lujian, Hangzhou Shouxing, Roquette Freres, ZuChem, Thomas Biotech, CSPC Shengxue Glucose, and DFI Corporation. Companies are involved in new product development & research to increase efficiency of product extraction which is likely to foster overall industry growth.

Xylitol Industry Background

This product is a naturally occurring alcohol found in plant materials such as fruit, vegetables, and wood bark. It is widely used as a sugar substitute in sugar free mints, gums, drugs, dietary supplements, and confectionary items. It has negligible effects on blood sugar because it is metabolized independently of insulin and is absorbed slowly than sugar thus supplying 40% fewer calories than table sugar. Increasing technological trends such as extraction from exotic vegetable and fruit sources will attract more customers and enhance product growth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Rising awareness toward oral care and increasing dental problems will drive global industry trends. As per the report, personal care application segment held a valuation of USD 60 million in 2017.
The rising demand for natural hair care products owing to stringent regulatory framework on use of chemicals is driving Europe market share. As per Global Market Insights, Inc. Europe industry revenue will exceed USD 380 million by 2024.
Pharmaceutical application share stood at USD 30 million in 2017 and is expected to witness significant surge driven by the rising use of the product in ointments, gels, lotions, etc.

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