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Automotive Brake System Market Size - By Product (Disc Brakes, Drum Brakes), Brake Pad Material (Organic, Metallic, Ceramic, Semi-metallic), Sales Channel (Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Aftermarket), Technology, Vehicle & Forecast, 2024 - 2032

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Automotive Brake System Market Size

Automotive Brake System Market size was valued at USD 24 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 5.5% between 2024 and 2032. Ongoing advancements in brake system technologies including the development of electronic braking systems, regenerative braking systems, and brake-by-wire systems, stimulate market growth. These innovations enhance braking performance, reduce stopping distances, and improve overall vehicle safety, driving consumer preference & market expansion.

Automotive Brake System Market

For instance, in November 2021, Continental AG unveiled its latest advancement in automotive braking technology, further enhancing its pioneering electro-hydraulic brake system, the MK C1. This new iteration represents a significant leap forward in performance, compactness, and integration capabilities.

The increasing adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) globally is driving the demand for specialized braking systems tailored to these platforms. Regenerative braking systems, which capture and convert kinetic energy into electrical energy during deceleration, are a key feature in EVs and HEVs, contributing to automotive brake systems market growth in this segment.

The integration of brake systems with advanced technologies such as electronic stability control, anti-lock braking systems, regenerative braking systems, and autonomous driving features presents technical challenges. Ensuring seamless integration, compatibility, and interoperability with other vehicle systems is essential for optimal performance & safety. Advanced brake systems rely on a variety of sensors including wheel speed sensors, yaw sensors, accelerometers & pressure sensors to monitor vehicle dynamics and driver inputs. Integrating data from these sensors and performing real-time data processing to make rapid braking decisions & adjust braking force accordingly is a significant technical challenge.

Automotive Brake System Market Trends

There is a growing demand for brake systems that integrate advanced safety features such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), Brake Assist Systems (BAS), and collision avoidance systems. These features enhance vehicle stability, reduce the risk of skidding, and improve overall safety. For instance, in January 2022, Mando Corporation launched an electronic brake system, IDB2 (for highly autonomous driving). The IDB2 system integrates dynamic brake functionality with advanced electronic control systems to deliver unparalleled performance and safety.

The emergence of autonomous driving technology has significant implications for brake systems. Brake systems are being designed to integrate seamlessly with autonomous driving features such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist systems. These systems rely on advanced sensors & algorithms to detect potential hazards and assist in collision avoidance.

For instance, in May 2023, to enhance road safety, the U.S. government proposed the mandatory inclusion of Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) in all new passenger cars and light trucks. This initiative is anticipated to have a profound impact, significantly reducing the occurrence of crashes associated with pedestrians and rear-end collisions.

Automotive Brake System Market Analysis

Automotive Brake System Market Size, By Product, 2022-2032, (USD Billion)

Based on product, the market is segmented into disc brakes and drum brakes. The disc brakes segment held over 55% of the market share in 2023.

  • With advancements in materials, design & manufacturing processes, disc brake technology has become more cost-effective and accessible for a wide range of vehicles including economy cars, luxury vehicles & performance cars. Disc brake systems are generally lighter in weight compared to drum brakes. This reduction in mass contributes to improved fuel efficiency, handling, and overall vehicle dynamics. For instance, in November 2023, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a leading automotive supplier, launched an electromechanical braking system poised to revolutionize the automotive industry.
Automotive Brake System Market Share, By Technology, 2023

Based on technology, the automotive brake system market is divided into Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Traction Control System (TCS), Regenerative Braking System (RBS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) segment accounted for 45% of the market share in 2023

  • The automotive brake system industry is experiencing a significant shift toward autonomous driving technologies. ABS has evolved over the years, becoming more sophisticated and integrated with other safety & stability control systems such as ESC. These advancements have improved ABS performance, making it more effective in various driving conditions. For instance, in April 2022, Robert Bosch GmbH announced that its local production of ABS and electronic stability program systems has surpassed 10 million units.
China Automotive Brake System Market Size, 2022-2032(USD Billion)

Asia Pacific automotive brake system market size is expected to register a CAGR of over 6% from 2024 to 2032. The Asia Pacific region, particularly countries such as China, India, Japan, and South Korea, has been experiencing rapid economic growth. This growth has led to an increase in disposable income levels, driving down the demand for automobiles including passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Urbanization rates are rising across the Asia Pacific region, leading to an increased demand for transportation solutions. As urban populations grow, there is a high demand for automobiles, which in turn, drives the demand for automotive brake systems.

Automotive Brake System Market Share

Robert Bosch GmbH offers a comprehensive range of brake system solutions, catering to different vehicle types and applications. These include traditional hydraulic braking systems, Advanced ABS, ESC, regenerative braking systems for electric & hybrid vehicles, and brake-by-wire technologies.

Continental AG offers a wide range of brake system solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of the automotive market. The company invests heavily in research & development to introduce cutting-edge brake system technologies aimed at enhancing vehicle safety, performance, and efficiency.

Automotive Brake System Market Companies

Major companies operating in the automotive brake system industry are:

  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Continental AG
  • Hitachi Astemo Ltd.
  • Syensqo

Automotive Brake System Industry News

  • In November 2023, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a prominent player in automotive technology, unveiled its latest innovation, a revolutionary brake-by-wire system designed for software-defined vehicles, at the Next Generation Mobility Day in Shanghai (China). By eliminating the need for hydraulic systems and brake fluid, ZF's brake-by-wire system offers unprecedented opportunities for design flexibility and development in the global automotive market.
  • In July 2022, Orbis Brakes, a pioneering force in automotive safety, in collaboration with NASA unveiled a braking technology to revolutionize vehicle safety standards. Made from 100% recyclable iron, the unique design also dramatically reduces the environmental impact, offering a sustainable solution for the automotive industry.

The automotive brake system market research report includes in-depth coverage of the industry with estimates & forecast in terms of revenue (USD Million) from 2018 to 2032, for the following segments:

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Market, By Product

  • Disc brakes
  • Drum brakes

Market, By Brake Pad Material

  • Organic
  • Metallic
  • Ceramic
  • Semi-metallic

Market, By Technology

  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Regenerative Braking System (RBS)

Market, By Vehicle

  • Passenger Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicle
    • Light Commercial Vehicle
    • Heavy Commercial Vehicle

Market, By Sales Channel

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Aftermarket

The above information has been provided for the following regions and countries:

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • UK
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • South Korea
    • ANZ
    • Rest of Asia Pacific 
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
    • Rest of Latin America
  • MEA
    • UAE
    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Africa
    • Rest of MEA


Authors: Suraj Gujar , Deeksha Vishwakarma

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The market size of automotive brake system surpassed USD 24 billion in revenue in 2023 and is set to witness 5.5% CAGR from 2024 to 2032, owing to the ongoing advancements in brake system technologies like the development of electronic braking systems, regenerative braking systems, and brake-by-wire systems.

The disc brakes segment accounted for over 55% revenue share in 2023, owing to advancements in materials, design & manufacturing processes.

Asia Pacific market is poised to expand at 6% CAGR from 2024 and 2032, driven by the surging demand for automobiles, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the region.

Some of the top companies operating in the industry are Robert Bosch GmbH, Continental AG, ADVICS CO., LTD., AKEBONO BRAKE INDUSTRY CO., LTD., Hitachi Astemo Ltd., AISIN CORPORATION, and Syensqo.

Automotive Brake System Market Scope

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