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data center infrastructure (DCI) Market
A competitive rundown of data center infrastructure (DCI) Market: leading corporates to tap advanced technologies to expedite the industry expansion over 2018-2024

Published Date: Jul 2, 2018

A highly compelling vertical of the data center business space, DCI Market (data center infrastructure) has lately been characterized by the ever-growing digitalization and technology advancement trends. Pertaining to the basal requirement of enhanced operational efficiency, numerous IT organizations have been installing data centers on a considerably humongous scale, in a bid to deliver an innovative experience to customers. As myriad geographie...
nanocellulose market
An insight into nanocellulose industry in terms of the application spectrum: shifting trends toward usage of eco-friendly products to massively expedite the global valuation over 2017-2024

Published Date: May 22, 2018

In an era striving to achieve sustainability at all costs, nanocellulose industry has emerged as a productive vertical of the polymers space, as the product is on the verge of evolving as the next-generation material. To be precise, nanocellulose has lately become highly popular across a slew of sectors, ranging from paper processing to coatings and power generation to food & beverage. This has created novel growth opportunities for research ...
 carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) market
A succinct outline of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) industry in terms of the application landscape, global share to exceed billion-dollar mark by 2024

Published Date: May 22, 2018

Endowed with a rich, widespread end-use landscape, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) market has been traversing alongside a highly lucrative growth path since the last few decades. An anionic water-soluble polymer, the uses of carboxymethyl cellulose as a stabilizer, emulsifier, and thickener are rather renown, pertaining to its non-toxicity, water solubility, high swelling, and hypoallergenic properties. In the current industrial scenario, the food,...
Cancer Diagnostics Industry
A detailed abstract of cancer diagnostics industry in terms of competitive landscape, global industry valuation to exceed USD 156 billion by 2024

Published Date: May 18, 2018

With the increased emphasis of healthcare fraternity on deepening the understanding of genomics and bioinformatics, cancer diagnostics industry has certainly emerged as one of the most enterprising verticals of medical space. The rapid advances being made in diagnostics technology have led to overwhelming expectations about the future of early cancer detection, precise diagnosis, targeted therapy, and surveillance after treatment. Owing to the in...
Vinyl Acetate Monomer Industry
Unveiling the application gamut of vinyl acetate monomer industry: Infrastructure developments and production facility expansions to characterize the business landscape

Published Date: May 18, 2018

Over the last few years, vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) industry has emerged as a highly viable investment avenue, attracting myriad financial backers owing to its escalating use as a chemical intermediate. The incredible end-products that can be manufactured using VAM as a primary ingredient span the polymers space – polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl acetate, and vinyl chloride copolymer. Given the widespread usage of these polymers in the formula...
computer engineering industry
Unveiling computer engineering industry trends with respect to the soaring popularity of supercomputers: global share to cross the highly coveted USD 2.5 trillion mark by 2024

Published Date: Apr 24, 2018

Victoriously thriving in the face of ever-changing technology trends, computer engineering industry in 2018, stands as one of the most challenging, yet remunerative business verticals of all time. In an era of advanced connected technologies such as artificial intelligence, mobile computing applications, and IoT, the design, manufacturing, and deployment of computer systems has changed in more ways than one. From being a purely hardware-oriented ...
consumer electronics industry
An in-depth insight into consumer electronics industry with regards to the competitive spectrum: increasing adoption of next-gen advanced technologies to augment the industry growth over 2017-2024

Published Date: Apr 24, 2018

In the last few years, consumer electronics market has undergone a drastic transformation with the robust growth across the entertainment, communication, and information technology sectors. Electronics devices such as smartphones, tablets, and digital televisions have indeed become commonplace in the consumer’s personal & professional lives. Pertaining to the same, companies in consumer electronics market have forged a slew of M&As ...
Nutritional Lipids Industry
Illustrating nutritional lipids industry growth in the face of the escalating scope for omega 3, product procured >60% of the global market share in 2016

Published Date: Apr 24, 2018

Primarily endorsed with the tag of being an extremely consumer-driven vertical, nutritional lipids industry has emerged as one of the most opportunistic, versatile, and rapidly evolving business spheres of the food & nutrition industry. This evolution can be essentially credited to the growing trend of maximizing nutritional credibility in daily diet and the rising consciousness toward understanding the nutritional importance of lipids. Nutri...
POS terminals industry
A succinct outline of POS terminals industry growth across the Indian sub-continent, retail sector to immensely contribute toward the market proliferation

Published Date: Mar 29, 2018

With digital transactions gaining precedence as the future of payments, POS terminals market is undergoing an enterprising change in the recent times. Over the years, the birth of e-commerce and rising governmental initiatives toward promoting digitization have significantly lowered the risks associated with the traditional modes of payments. Experts speculate this disruptive mix of consumer behavioral changes and government regulations to provid...
PoC molecular diagnostics industry
A synopsis of PoC molecular diagnostics industry in terms of drivers, opportunities and challenges, Global valuation to surpass USD 2.5 billion by 2024

Published Date: Mar 26, 2018

The potential of point of care diagnostics market has been a subject of much discussion and hype over the last decade. In vitro diagnostics has been playing an increasingly significant role in the provision of healthcare. In fact, as per authentic estimates, nearly 80% of the data grounding on which physicians take clinical decisions are produced by medical laboratories, which is why diagnostics now is considered as a critical input in the overal...
wind energy market
Unveiling the current scenario in wind energy market in terms of regulatory frame of reference and the strategies undertaken by industry players

Published Date: Mar 22, 2018

The global energy scenario has been experiencing a tremendous change with shifting trends toward the adoption of green energy. Wind energy market, currently one of the most trending business verticals, is a major recipient of this change. Since ages, fossil fuels had been primarily deployed for fulfilling energy requirements, however, their usage has been leading to increased GHG emissions, negatively impacting biodiversity and environmental safe...
monoethylene glycol market
Monoethylene glycol industry to witness ferocious production expansion strategies across an extensive regional landscape, India set to leave an indelible mark on the global progression matrix

Published Date: Mar 8, 2018

Over the past few decades, the consistent rally of fluctuations in global crude oil prices may have sent the overall monoethylene glycol industry into a tizzy. However, the gradual stabilization of crude prices in the recent times is anticipated to boost the financial dynamics of this business space and reinvigorate the fading optimism of monoethylene glycol manufacturers in the forthcoming years. In fact, authentic estimates indicate that the gl...
linear alpha olefins market
A succinct outline of linear alpha olefins industry with competitive terrain as frame of reference, global share to surpass USD 19 billion by 2024

Published Date: Feb 28, 2018

Corresponding to the growing appetite for flexible and sustainable packaging solutions across a plethora of retail domains, linear alpha olefins industry has experienced commendable proliferation on a global scale. Linear alpha olefins (LAO), mostly utilized as comonomers, has indeed traversed a remarkable jaunt lately pertaining to the increasing consumption of polyethylene, especially LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) as a packaging mater...
 mining equipment market
Unveiling the competitive map of mining equipment market: Commendable contributions by leading giants to enable the global industry hit the highly coveted 100-billion-dollar frontier by 2024

Published Date: Feb 20, 2018

Embarking on a crusade to unearth technological advancements for energy efficient alternatives, mining equipment market players, in recent times, have been making agonizing attempts to bring forth a flicker of novelty in their product portfolio. The extensive requirement of metals, limestone, rock salt, potash, coals, dimension stone, clay, and gravel for a plethora of end-use domains has led to a spike in the demand for high-grade machinery such...
chlorinated paraffin industry
A diligent outline of chlorinated paraffin industry in terms of the regulatory landscape, versatile application trends, and strategies adopted by market giants

Published Date: Feb 20, 2018

The specialty chemicals arena has indeed witnessed a sporadic rundown of sorts in the recent years. Chlorinated paraffin industry, one of the most pivotal verticals of this dynamic business space, has chronicled its name among the many sub-spheres of the specialty chemicals market that have experienced a constant ebb and flow lately. Nonetheless, the chemical domain, in all its regalia, is more representative of the profitable end of the spectrum...
Electric motors industry
Electric motors industry to be characterized by a cutthroat competitive scenario across a widespread regional landscape: India to stand tall as the next hotbed for market growth

Published Date: Feb 6, 2018

In an era that has been consistently reiterating the significance of emission reduction, electric motors industry has indeed been occupying a pivotal stance in the global automotive space. Having recognized that fossil fuels are soon on their way to extinction, potential contenders across the global industrial realm have been scrupulously planning a future thriving on electricity sans fuel deployment. This pointer effectively justifies the hoopla...
 gas turbine market
Gas turbine industry to witness an intensely competitive strategic landscape, sustainability trends to underline the product developments

Published Date: Jan 30, 2018

Over the recent years, gas turbine industry share has witnessed a remarkable progression across the globe owing to the rapid pace of industrialization, burgeoning demand for clean energy, rising availability of natural gas, massive R&D investments by private entities, and swift transformation in market conditions among others. Furthermore, the recent upsurge in environmental concerns in developed and developing economies across the world has ...
rare earth metals market
An in-depth insight into rare earth metals market: Unveiling the influence of China’s monopoly on market trends and the efforts undertaken globally to eliminate the environmental impact of rare earth mining

Published Date: Jan 29, 2018

In the past half a decade, global rare earth metals market has been witnessing a turbulent state of affairs, with costs of rare earths going through the roof. An instance of the turmoil in this space can be aptly credited to China’s monopoly in rare earth production. Though short-lived, China’s extensive reduction of export quotas of rare earth metals (REMs) a few years earlier, had sent ripples of panic across the globe that eventual...
Biosensors industry to marginally outline the healthcare profitability matrix, U.S. to be a major regional growth contender
Biosensors industry to marginally outline the healthcare profitability matrix, U.S. to be a major regional growth contender

Published Date: Jan 22, 2018

The growth prospects of biosensors industry seem to be rather pronounced in recent times, given the exponentially rising commercial utilization of these sensors in the food, healthcare, biotechnology, and other sectors. The imperative deployment of biosensors has gained paramount importance in the field of drug discovery and biomedicine, which are currently the hotspots in the medical space. The rising quest for operational efficiency, especially...
underfloor heating industry
An overview of underfloor heating industry in terms of regulatory and strategic landscape, macroeconomic developments to influence the market trends

Published Date: Jan 17, 2018

Underfloor heating market has evolved with extreme alacrity over recent times, as big shots involved in the competitive arena have shown quite some proactiveness in strengthening their position in the strategic landscape. Amidst the fierce competition, these giants have been readily banking on product innovation via M&As, and high level of investments in technology platforms, which as per experts’ conjecture, is bound to bring a massive...
humanoid robot industry
Humanoid robot industry progression scripts a revolutionary era for brick-and-mortar businesses, Asia Pacific anticipates a global market dominance

Published Date: Jan 17, 2018

The traditional retail sector has been facing a turbulent scenario in terms of commercialization & popularity, of late. However, humanoid robot market, with its penetration in brick-and-mortar retail ecosystem, is sending out waves of anticipation for a pronounced change in the merchandizing spectrum. This transformation and inclusion of human like robots in the conventional retail models comes on the heels of the growing popularity of digita...
patient handling equipment industry
Patient handling equipment industry to perceive phenomenal progressions in Asia Pacific, global share to record a double-digit CAGR over 2017-2024

Published Date: Nov 29, 2017

With the evolving emphasis of healthcare fraternity on patient-caregiver safety, patient handling equipment market has indeed established itself as one of the integral verticals of medical devices industry. Over the recent years, there has been a perceived demand for technologically advanced equipment to lift and transfer patients, in response to which, the patient handling equipment market has been gaining heavy momentum, with a recorded share o...
IoT in manufacturing industry
IoT in manufacturing industry emerging as the next big commercialization wave in the industrial landscape

Published Date: Nov 24, 2017

Persistently being channelized by rigorous technological breakthroughs, the penetration of IoT in manufacturing industry has triggered a consequential transformation in the production landscape of major end-use sectors with regards to operational efficiency, supply chain management, asset tracking and safety & security. While having a reputation of practically revolutionizing almost every business spheres, the dynamic impact of IoT in manufac...
breast implants industry
Unveiling breast implants industry in terms of the regulatory landscape: How the enforcement of regulations by governing bodies impacts the market growth

Published Date: Nov 23, 2017

Having endorsed itself as an intrinsic realm of the medical devices domain, breast implants industry stands to gain much in the forthcoming years, by virtue of the incredible popularity of this medical technique. The procedure, in fundamental terms, has been commercialized since many years, however, it has garnered widespread acclaim only since the last decade, proportionately more than what has been predicted. The rationale behind the accelerate...
healthcare electronics industry
A succinct outline of healthcare electronics industry: State-of the-art technological innovations to characterize the business landscape

Published Date: Nov 15, 2017

The contemporary trends of IoT and advanced technology have left an inexorable impact on healthcare electronics market in recent times. Over last few decades, the role of electronic components, digital devices, and products has been continuously growing in the healthcare fraternity, which, in extension, played a crucial role in shaping healthcare electronics industry. Having come a long way since its inception, healthcare electronics industry now...
Nanosilver industry
Nanosilver industry to be characterized by a plethora of tech innovations, 3D printing to crop up as a profitable growth avenue

Published Date: Nov 15, 2017

Nanosilver industry, categorized as one of the most remunerative business domains, ironically finds it way among the more debatable industrial spheres of recent times. This can possibly be attributed to the fact that the usage of nanosilver is being questioned by regulatory authorities and the like, on the grounds of the ongoing global concern – environmental pollution. Nonetheless, it is prudent to mention that this material finds applicat...
exoskeleton market
Exoskeleton industry to gain commendable acclaim from the healthcare sector, cutting-edge tech innovations to characterize the business landscape

Published Date: Oct 24, 2017

Endorsed by a deluge of tech benefactors, exoskeleton industry stands to gain rewarding proceeds from a plethora of respectable fraternities, including the likes of the military, medical care, industrial domains. More than a decade back, the notion of paraplegics being able to regain control of their limbs or heavy equipment transfer across an unfriendly terrain had been deemed ‘impossible’ by experts. Now, close to the termination of...
Robotic process automation industry
Robotic process automation industry to drastically disrupt traditional business operational models

Published Date: Oct 13, 2017

The relentless quest for operational efficiency in today’s digitized era has unmistakably left a mark on robotic process automation industry. This comes as no surprise, given that virtually every industry vertical revolves around the growing desire for numerous operations to be carried out efficiently, adhering to the determinants of cost and time effectiveness. In order to sustain and grow in today’s complex data handling markets, ma...
Smart clothing industry defining the future of wearables, fashion-technology fusion to characterize the industry landscape
An outline of boiler industry potential in terms of regional, regulatory, and strategic landscape, Green infrastructure concept to remarkably influence the market trends

Published Date: Sep 29, 2017

The commercialization matrix of boiler industry has ascended exponentially over the recent years, in sync with the increasing demand for energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption globally. These determinants have brought in a rather tremendous transformation in the heating system models in recent times- a shift from traditional to green approach. In fact, to support the sustainability march, both the government as well as private entities,...
graphene market
Graphene industry to become the next revolutionary name in specialty chemicals space, Estimates claim the market to record a phenomenal CAGR of 35% over 2017-24

Published Date: Sep 21, 2017

With an endorsement of possessing unique material properties, graphene market is aptly bringing a revolution across myriad end- use domains. The past few years have witnessed immense breakthroughs in graphene research, which not only have led to significant advancements in its mass production, but also have gathered enough substantiations to widen its application matrix.  Graphene, rightly nicknamed as ‘wonder material’, offers a...
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