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Recycled lead market size to exceed $19 billion by 2026

  • Published Date: February 28, 2020

According to a new research report by Global Market Insights Inc., the recycled lead market size is likely to exceed $19 billion by 2026, Growing concerns over the handling of mineral waste will boost the growth of overall market.

Greater ability to recycle lead scrap will propel the industry growth

Lead possesses higher recyclability ratio as compare to other metals and non-metal scraps. Lead acid batteries can be recycled at 100% rate. Proper disposal & recycling of lead scraps such as cables, sheets, batteries, lowers the cost of lead as compared to the mining & refining of lead ore. Proper lead recycling is also cost efficient and lowers the related environmental hazard. A major source of lead recycling are lead acid batteries (LAB), that are mostly widely used and cheaply available. Majorly LAB scraps are collected by the battery manufacturers and recycled at their own plant or through third party recyclers who generally recycle other lead scraps such as cable sheathings, lead roofing scraps, pipes, lead coated copper, bullets, etc. Lead recycling is a part of non-ferrous material under metal recycling.

Browse key industry insights spread across 181 pages with 229 market data tables & 27 figures & charts from the report, “Recycled Lead Market By Product (Soft/Pure Lead, Lead Alloys, Lead Oxides), By Application (Lead Acid Batteries, Radiation Shielding, Rolls & Extruded Products), By Industry (Energy, Transportation, Data Centers, Electronics, Construction, Healthcare) Industry Analysis Report, Growth Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2020 – 2026” in detail along with the table of contents:

Lead Alloys demand is expected to grow in near future

In 2018, lead alloys held over 25% share in recycled lead market. It is generally sourced from the LABs and recycled lead in refining process. Lead based alloys differ from pure lead in terms of greater mechanical properties, with added elements such as antimony, calcium, tin, bismuth, cadmium, indium imparting higher strength and hardness. Lead alloys are easily rolled, extruded and forged. They are primarily used in battery parts for LAB and other minor applications such as insoluble anodes, solders, and special low melting point materials.

Demand for rolled & extruded recycled lead products will be stable

Over 80%of the global lead is used to manufacture LABs. Similarly, a major proportion of recycled lead is also used for the manufacturing of the same. Remaining volume of recycled lead are used in applications such as radiation shielding, rolls & extruded products, ammunition, etc. Pure lead and lead alloys are rolled and extruded for producing various products such as pipes, sheets, billets, wires, etc. These products find varied use in number of industries such as electronics, data centers, construction, etc.

Demand of LABs for transportation sector will drive the growth in North America

Lead acid batteries dominated the industry in 2019 and shall follow similar trend over the forecast timeframe. These batteries are largely utilized as a SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) and traction battery for various transportation vehicles such as automobiles, bikes, motorboats, buses, trucks, forklifts etc. Even though lithium-ion batteries are replacing the lead acid batteries in many industries, as per a 2019 report by GS YUASA company, the recycled lead market segment is expected to remain stable over the forecast period, mainly due to its continued use as automobile SLI battery.

Top lead recyclers are extending their recycling capacity and technology

In the recycled lead industry, the lead acid battery manufacturers are largely backward integrated to recycle their lead acid batteries. Additionally, companies such as Aqua Metals, Inc are using hydrometallurgy instead of traditional smelting to maximize the recycling output of lead scraps. This will help the lead recyclers to integrate their recycling operations with maximum productivity and at lower rate of wastage.

Some of the key players in the recycled lead market are Recylex S.A, Exide batteries, Aqua Metals, Inc., ENERSYS, ECOBAT technologies., Canada Metal North America Ltd, The Doe Run Company, Gravitas Group, Mayco Industries, Tianjin Dongbang Lead Resources Recycling Co., Ltd., and Yuguang Gold Lead Co., Ltd.

Authors: Kiran Pulidindi, Sayan Mukherjee

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