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Encapsulated Flavors and Fragrances Market size to exceed $10.2bn by 2027

  • Published Date: January 18, 2022

Encapsulated Flavors and Fragrances market size is set to surpass USD 10.2 billion by 2027, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights Inc.

Encapsulation is an interaction which encases flavors and aromas inside another material. The material that is covered is known as a functioning or center material, whereas the covering material is known as a shell or typified material. Encapsulation of flavors has been commercialized by utilizing techniques like spray drying, spray cooling, molecular inclusion and others.


Burgeoning global food & beverage industry is accelerating the demand of encapsulated flavors and fragrances market during the forecast period. It gives consistency, further develops taste, expand timeframe of usability, color, and assurance of food products from external harsh conditions. Encapsulated flavors and fragrances are used in various food products such as juice and hot drinks premixes, baking goods mixes, dairy products, and confectionery products. Growing demand of ready to eat or packaged food products is fueling the demand of encapsulated flavors and fragrances.

Encapsulated flavors and fragrances are also used in various products such as cosmetics, toiletries and homecare products. Rapid urbanization, increasing disposable income and improving lifestyles especially in developing regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America will escalate the utilization of encapsulated flavors and fragrances during the forecast period.

These developing regions are at nascent stage of their economic development and experiencing huge transformation in their industrial and economic development. Opening of new production facilities in these regions are expected to boost the demand of encapsulated flavors and fragrances.

Increasing consumption of RTD beverages will boost the beverage mixes segment demand

Encapsulated flavors and fragrances market from beverage mixes exceeded USD 1.55 billion in 2020 and is expected to experience significant growth due to the increasing consumption of RTD beverages. Consumers nowadays are seeking for convenient and instant options to complete their nutrient requirement. Moreover, growing health consciousness is shifting their focus towards RTD protein beverages. Encapsulated flavors help to enhance the taste and increased shelf life of the product without compromising their nutrient content thus included as additive in RTD beverages.

Browse key industry insights spread across 700 pages with 1000 market data tables and 15 figures & charts from the report, “Encapsulated Flavors and Fragrances Market Forecasts By Product (Flavor Blends, Fragrance Blends, Essential Oils & Natural Extracts, Aroma Chemicals), Technology (Physical Process [Atomization {Spray Drying, Spray Chilling, Spray Disk}, Extrusion, Fluid Bed Technique], Chemical & Physicochemical Process), By Encapsulation Process (Micro Encapsulation, Nano Encapsulation, Hybrid Technology, Macro Encapsulation), End-Use (Food & Beverages [Beverage Mixes {Hot Drinks, Powder Soft Drinks}, Pressed Tablets, Chewing Gum, Bake Mixes], Toiletries & Cleaners), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Growth Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2021 – 2027in detail along with the table of contents:


Increasing demand of natural ingredients in consumer products will boost the market size for essential oils & natural extracts

Encapsulated flavors and fragrances market from essential oils & natural extracts is set to surpass USD 2 billion by 2027. Growing awareness related to synthetic and artificial preservatives used in food & other consumer products has encouraged the consumers to opt for product made from naturally derived ingredients. Favorable regulatory policies related to safety and quality has pushed manufacturers to include essential oils & natural extracts which is driving the product demand.

Benefits offered by hybrid encapsulation process such as controlled release and targeted delivery will drive the market expansion during the forecast period

Encapsulated flavors & fragrances market from hybrid encapsulation is anticipated to reach over USD 2.10 billion by 2027. Hybrid encapsulation process includes manufacturing of microcapsules or Nano-capsules with the capsule shell made from two different materials. For instance, hybrid organic-inorganic microcapsules are used to counter the volatility of bioactive volatile molecules including ketones, aldehydes, and other biologically active compounds. A hybrid shell is made up of two different materials. Increasing use of biologically active compounds in flavors and fragrances will boost the demand for hybrid encapsulation process. Key factors including controlled release and targeted delivery, odor masking, size variability, physical stability, production efficiency and water insolubility will support the industry statistics.  

Extrusion encapsulation technique facilitates highly effective oxidation prevention of flavors and provide longer shelf life to final products which is driving the industry expansion.

Encapsulated flavors & fragrances market from extrusion technology is anticipated to reach USD 965 million by 2027. Encapsulation of flavors using the extrusion method is majorly used for unstable and volatile flavors in the form of glassy carbohydrate matrices. The extrusion process facilities narrow size distribution, material versatility, scalability, and higher production capacity thus majorly used as food ingredients for many food products such as breakfast cereals and ready-to-eat snacks, confectionery, etc. The major advantage of encapsulation using the extrusion method is the improved quality of capsules provide better stability of flavors against oxidation and imparts longer shelf life to final products.

Increasing consumer spending on personal care and home care products is boosting encapsulated fragrances market industry forecasts in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific encapsulated flavors & fragrances market exceeded USD 2 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% between 2021 and 2027. The growth of the market is attributed to the rising consumer spending on personal care and home care products on account of increasing disposable income, changing lifestyles, and improving living standards.

Encapsulated flavors & fragrances are used in various hair care, skin care, make-up, and oral care products. Growing focus towards personal hygiene coupled with increasing disposable income is driving the regional market size. Furthermore, the increasing concerns related to various viral and infectious diseases has surge the demand for homecare products such as floor cleaners, laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids etc. which further strengthens the market development.

The prominent players operating in the market are also focusing on adopting various business strategies such as new product development, mergers & acquisition, collaborations/partnerships to gain competitive edge in the global business. Ingredion Incorporated, Aveka Group, Buchi Labortechnik AG, Cargill, Flavarom International Limited, Fona International are some of the major players in the market.

Authors: Kunal Ahuja, Sarita Bayas