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Colloidal Selenium Nanoparticles Market to exceed $475 Million by 2026

  • Published Date: January 17, 2020

According to a new research report by Global Market Insights Inc., the colloidal selenium nanoparticles market size is estimated to surpass USD 475 million by 2026.

Increasing utilization of colloidal selenium nanoparticles (SeNP) in the electronics and chemical sectors is growing at a faster pace. Ongoing research & experiments have showcased that SeNP can also be utilized for the application of photocatalytic degradation of trypan blue (TB) dye. Further, colloidal SeNP are non-toxic and can be used as a catalyst in the semiconductor industry. Such trends will further drive the sales of these nanoparticles by 2026.

Development of SeNP for clinical applications to drive growth

Growing usage of colloidal SeNP in the field of medical & healthcare for treatment of diseases will be key factor in propelling the colloidal selenium nanoparticles market share by 2026. These products have been observed to significantly reduce the toxicity of levels of the chemotherapeutic drug during cancer treatment in experimental results. Colloidal SeNP provides key benefits such as, limiting the risk of chromium and iron properties combined with enhancement in stress resilient properties. Such factors may increase its potential usage in many end-user industries.

The key restraint to the colloidal selenium nanoparticles market is concerns related to toxicity & safety with the aral consumption. Toxicity levels of selenium nanoparticles can be determined from chemical form and concentration of the solution. For instance, some research studies indicate the maximum tolerable intake limit of selenium in human body should be around 400 microgram per day. However, efforts for promoting the safe use of orally delivered drugs containing SeNP may boost the industry development.

Browse key industry insights spread across 271 pages with 420 market data tables & 26 figures & charts from the report, “Colloidal Selenium Nanoparticles Market Size By Grain Structure (Spherical, Rod), By Purity (2N, 3N , 4N, 5N), By Application (Medical, Food, Electronics, Chemical), Industry Analysis Report, Growth Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2019 - 2026” in detail along with the table of contents:

Rod structured colloidal SeNP will grow at a significant rate of around 28%. Ongoing studies related to synthesis of rod structured SeNP have showcased poor colloidal stability and lower settling efficiency. These factors will be responsible for a meager share of this segment. However, advent of the colloidal SeNP in various end-user industries and ongoing research to improve the product stability will further increase rod structured product’s growth by 2026.

5N-colloidal SeNP will account for a share of more than 15% over the projected timeframe. This can be credited to the higher purity level of selenium in colloidal solution. This form may get significant attention in the area of cancer treatment, gene therapy, nutrition supplement, etc. in near future.

Rising concerns over food safety will increase the sale of colloidal SeNP

Food application will account for significant share of close to 25% over the study period. This is owing to growing product usage as nutritional supplement in the food industry. Colloidal SeNP provides key benefits such as increasing selenium concentration in meat products and enhancement of rumen fermentation and feed digestibility. These trends are going to positively affect the colloidal selenium nanoparticles market sales in food industry by 2026.

Europe colloidal selenium nanoparticles market will showcase the highest growth of more than 33.5% throughout the forecast timeframe. Stringent regulations related to food safety and healthcare industry are providing growth opportunities for colloidal SeNP manufacturers in this region. Moreover, increasing number of pharmaceutical & advanced food manufacturers in Europe will further fuel the product demand.

Some of the key participants involved in colloidal selenium nanoparticles market include, Nanoshel, Nanografi Nano Technology, MKnano, Nano Research Elements, SkySpring Nanomaterials, American Elements, Nanocs, Land Green & Technology and Amnium Technologies Private Limited.

Authors: Kiran Pulidindi, Soumalya Chakraborty

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