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Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market Size - By Product (Standard, Customized), By Application (Cryogenic, Food & Beverage, Aerospace, Electronic Manufacturing & Testing, Healthcare) & Forecast, 2023 – 2032

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Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market Size

Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market was valued at USD 307.6 million in 2023 and is projected to grow at 5.4% CAGR from 2024 to 2032. Growing demand for unconventional energy sources along with increasing government initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has spurred the expansion of the industry. This rapid industrialization has resulted in the widespread product usage for the efficient transportation and distribution of liquefied gases. The global market for vacuum insulated pipe will cross USD 1.8 billion during the forecast period.

Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market

The industry has experienced significant boost on account of increasing private sector investment in infrastructure development. The development of sustainable and innovative technologies has created opportunities in the field of cryogenic handling and provided business expansion across the region. Furthermore, key countries in the region are actively endorsing the use of vacuum insulated pipes as part of their national strategic energy plans. The implementation of strict greenhouse gas regulations along with the growing liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade will further energize market revenue in the coming years.


COVID-19 Impact

Europe vacuum insulated pipe market initially experienced a decline in revenue due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused disruptions in the construction and industrial sectors which has led to the project delays and investment uncertainties. COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains, causing shortages and delays in the availability of materials and components required for VIP manufacturing.

Restrictions on international trade, lockdown measures, and reduced production capacities have affected the timely delivery of VIP systems. The pandemic has brought changes in energy consumption patterns and market dynamics. In addition, the economic slowdown, travel restrictions, and reduced industrial activities have impacted the demand for energy, including the transportation and storage of fluids.

Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market Trends

The Europe vacuum insulated pipe market has witnessed significant growth due to reforms aimed at modernizing and expanding networks to reduce losses. Additionally, the large-scale migration to suburban areas in line with ongoing investments in the expansion of refineries and chemical plants have further complemented the product demand. The region has been actively promoting the integration of renewable energy sources into its energy mix along with to support optimize energy transfer and maintain temperature stability will complement the business landscape.

Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market Analysis

Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market Size, By Product, 2021 - 2032 (USD Million)

The standard pipe segment will reach a valuation of USD 350 million by 2032. These pipes are considered as conventional VIPs and dominate the majority of industry share owing to widely accepted in application comprising of healthcare, cryogenic, food & beverage, aerospace, and others. The growing adoption of these pipes which are used in transferring large volumes of cryogenic liquids including LNG, nitrogen, and hydrogen has created favorable business scenario. Moreover, low cost and ease of transportation are the key factors which has led the growing demand for vacuum insulated pipe systems in emerging economies in the Europe.

Customized vacuum insulated pipe market will gain an appreciable momentum on account of their increasing demand in petrochemical, oil & gas, and other industrial processes. These pipes are specially constructed by specialized manufacturing firms that have the expertise to design and build pipes according to the specific client requirements. The industry has experienced a surge in demand for customized products due to increased investments in aerospace, food & beverage, and electronic manufacturing sectors. Additionally, growing demand for oxygen across the healthcare sector in line with rising need for dairy and packaged food will contribute to the industry development.

Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market Revenue Share, By Application, 2022

The cryogenic application of VIP was valued at USD 120 million in 2022 and is observe 4% growth rate during 2023 - 2032. The cryogenic industry has witnessed significant transformations in recent years on account of increasing investments in gas-fired power plants coupled with the rapid expansion of healthcare infrastructure. The European vacuum insulated pipe market primarily involves the transportation of oil & gas liquids including LNG and plays a vital role in meeting the growing demand for petroleum products.

In addition, ongoing technological advancements aimed at sustainable and secure pipeline network have further contributed to a favorable business environment. However, the rise in the import and export of cryogenic liquids consisting of LNG, helium, nitrogen, and hydrogen will propel the industry size by 2032.

The healthcare industry is expected to experience substantial investments owing to the construction of new hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics along with significant refurbishments of existing infrastructure to accommodate more patients. Growing demand for efficient VIP throughout the healthcare sector in conjunction with rising need for storage and transportation of liquid gases will foster the Europe vacuum insulated pipe market demand.

Key private players and public sector are continuously investing to upgrade existing hospitals and enhance their range of services. In addition, the growing government emphasis on enhancing basic healthcare services will lead to the establishment of new healthcare facilities in rural areas. For instance, initiatives including EU4 Health provide financing for the development of childcare, critical healthcare, and education services in EU nations will influence the business landscape.

UK Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market Size, 2020 - 2032 (USD Billion)

UK vacuum insulated pipe market is estimated to amass USD 70 million revenues by 2032. The country will observe potential growth owing to the infrastructure development and expansion of LNG terminals, storage facilities, and distribution networks. The government of the country is promoting sustainable building practices and district heating systems which has led the favorable business scenario. Additionally, ongoing research and development efforts toward enhancing VIP technologies including advancements in insulation materials, construction techniques, and monitoring systems will propel the adoption of these product in key applications in the country. The country aligning with their energy transition goals, infrastructure development plans, and sustainability initiatives are the prominent factors which in turn will sway the industry outlook.

The implementation of government regulations and mandates aimed at environmental protection is expected to drive the adoption of natural gas, thereby increasing the demand for vacuum-insulated pipes across Norway. The industry is inclination toward natural gas power plants as part of the transition towards a gas-based economy will further stimulate the product adoption. Respective regulatory authorities have announced plans to phase out coal-fired power plants and increase the share of low carbon emitting energy sources in their energy mix over the next decade will influence the business landscape.

Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market Share

Major players operating in Europe vacuum insulated pipe market are

  • Taylor-Wharton
  • CRIOTEC Impianti srl
  • KrioSystem
  • CoreDux
  • TMK
  • BUTTING CryoTech GmbH
  •  INTECH GmbH
  • Air Liquide
  • Cryo Anlagenbau GmbH
  • SPS Cryogenics B.V.
  • Thames Cryogenics Ltd.
  • Vacuum Barrier Corporation
  • Cryoworld
  • Demaco
  • Cryofab
  • BRUGG Pipes
  • Chart Industries


Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Industry News

  • In January 2023, Chart Industries signed an MOU with BNG Clean Fuel Corporation for the delivery of hydrogen liquefaction technology along with associated components and hydrogen fueling stations. In addition, both companies will integrate to expand their relationships with end-use customers to utilize BNG’s “spoke, hub, and wheel model” solutions for hydrogen production, bulk cargo shipping, virtual pipeline networks, and fuel dispensing stations. This MOU will also energize the cryogenics market along with Vacuum-insulated Pipe (VIP) modules across emerging economies and enhance the market share of both companies.
  • In October 2022, BRUGG Pipes, a division of BRUGG Group AG, inaugurated a new production facility in O?arów, Poland, to expand its production line of cryogenic technology solutions for the safe transport of liquids & gases to various industries. This production facility enabled the company to focus on the energy revolution as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions.

This Europe vacuum insulated pipe market research report includes in-depth coverage of the industry with estimates & forecast in terms of “Km” & “USD Million” from 2019 to 2032, for the following segments:

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Market, By Product

  • Standard
  • Customized

Market, By Application

  • Cryogenic
  • Food & Beverage
  • Aerospace
  • Electronic Manufacturing & Testing
  • Healthcare
  • Others

The above information has been provided for the following countries:

  • Europe
    • UK
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • France
    • Spain
    • Poland
    • Russia
    • Norway
    • Netherlands


Authors: Ankit Gupta, Abhishek Chopra

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The market size of Europe vacuum insulated pipe crossed valuation of USD 307.6 million in 2023 and will record 5.4% CAGR from 2024-2032 driven by the rise in demand for unconventional energy sources.

Europe standard vacuum insulated pipe industry is estimated to surpass USD 350 million by 2032 on account of higher application in the healthcare, cryogenic, food & beverage and aerospace sectors.

U.K. vacuum insulated pipe sector will generate USD 70 million revenues in 2032 due to infrastructure development and expansion of LNG terminals, storage facilities, and distribution networks.

Some of the well-known vacuum insulated pipe manufacturers in Europe include Taylor-Wharton, CRYOTHERM, CRIOTEC Impianti srl, KrioSystem, CoreDux, TMK, BUTTING CryoTech GmbH, INTECH GmbH, Air Liquide, and Cryo Anlagenbau GmbH

Europe Vacuum Insulated Pipe Market Scope

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