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Corporate Wellness Market Size - By Service Type (Health Risk Assessment, Fitness, Smoking Cessation, Health Screening, Nutrition & Weight Management, Stress Management), Category, Delivery Model (Onsite, Offsite), End-use & Forecast, 2024 – 2032

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Corporate Wellness Market Size

Corporate Wellness Market size was valued at USD 67.8 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% between 2024 and 2032. The rising adoption of corporate wellness programs and growing awareness regarding employee health and well-being are among the key drivers propelling the market growth.

Corporate Wellness Market

The adoption of corporate wellness programs is rapidly increasing across the world, spurred by concerns about employee health and well-being, particularly during the pandemic. Companies and organizations are prioritizing the recognition of employee wellness as a strategic investment in overall business success. This rising adoption is enabling reductions in healthcare costs, boosts in productivity and morale, attraction and retention of top talent, and fulfillment of corporate social responsibility objectives.

Numerous companies, such as BBVA Compass, have embraced corporate wellness programs like the Virgin Pulse program, resulting in improved employee health and well-being and healthcare cost savings for employees. Additionally, countries like India and China are witnessing a surge in corporate wellness programs as they aim to combat chronic disease burdens and enhance employee well-being. These factors, combined with the growing recognition of the importance of employee well-being, have contributed to the rise in adoption rates of corporate wellness programs thus fueling the industry growth.

Corporate wellness refers to a systematic approach undertaken by organizations to promote and enhance the health, well-being, and overall quality of life of their employees. This comprehensive strategy typically involves implementing a variety of initiatives, programs, and policies aimed at addressing various aspects of wellness, including physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

Corporate Wellness Market Trends

Technological advancements are reshaping corporate wellness programs globally by offering more personalized, engaging, and effective solutions to improve employee well-being and productivity, anticipating to further propel the market size.

  • The health tech enables the development of highly personalized wellness plans through sophisticated data analysis, encompassing genetic analysis and profiling, lifestyle patterns, and individual health metrics. These programs significantly improve employee engagement in wellness initiatives. As a result, anticipating propelling the market for corporate wellness.
  • Additionally, the integration of wearable technology like fitness trackers, smartwatches, and smart clothing enables the tracking of various health metrics such as activity levels, sleep quality, and stress indicators. Incorporating this data into wellness programs facilitates more targeted health interventions and motivates employees toward healthier behaviors. This integration of technologies into wellness programs may encourage more employees and companies to adopt these programs, as a result, the market may see a significant growth.

Corporate Wellness Market Analysis

Corporate Wellness Market, by Service Type, 2021 – 2032 (USD Billion)

Based on service type, the market is segmented into health risk assessment, fitness, smoking cessation, health screening, nutrition & weight management, alcohol/substance services, stress management, and other services. The health risk assessment segment is anticipated to reach USD 31.3 billion by 2032.

  • Identifying health risks early can lead to interventions that prevent the development of costly chronic conditions or complications. By addressing risk factors through lifestyle changes, individuals can reduce their healthcare costs over the long term. This cost-effective benefit of the service may attract huge number of employees which may contribute to the segmental growth.   
  • Additionally, with the increasing availability of health information and technology, individuals are becoming more proactive about managing their health. Health risk assessments empower individuals to take control of their health by providing them with valuable insights and actionable information to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Based on category, the corporate wellness market is segmented into fitness & nutrition consultants, psychological therapists, and organizations/employers. The organizations/employers segment held leading revenue share in 2023 was valued at around USD 38.4 billion in 2023.

  • The shift towards remote work and flexible work arrangements highlighted the importance of supporting employee well-being in non-traditional work environments. Employers are adapting their wellness programs to accommodate the needs of remote workers and promote work-life balance in diverse work settings. Hence anticipating as a primary contributor in the corporate wellness market growth.
  • Additionally, some industries or regions may have regulatory requirements or incentives for employers to implement wellness programs. For example, certain healthcare regulations or government initiatives may provide tax incentives or subsidies for employers who invest in employee wellness. Compliance with such regulations and the potential for financial incentives can drive employers to prioritize corporate wellness initiatives and drive the segmental growth.

Based on delivery model, the corporate wellness market is segmented into onsite and offsite. The onsite segment is projected to cross USD 64.4 billion by 2032.

  • By incorporating wellness activities into the workday, onsite programs seamlessly fit into employees' schedules, making it easier for them to prioritize their health and well-being alongside their work responsibilities. This alignment enhances employees' interest in wellness activities and contributes to the increasing demand for onsite services.
  • Additionally, investing in onsite wellness programs can yield tangible benefits for employers in terms of improved employee productivity, reduced absenteeism, and enhanced overall performance. Healthy and engaged employees are more likely to perform at their peak, resulting in higher organizational success and competitiveness, hence increased number of interested employers are anticipated to propel the segmental growth.

Corporate Wellness Market, By End-use (2023)

The corporate wellness market by end-use is categorized into large scale organizations, medium scale organizations, and small-scale organizations. The large-scale organizations segment dominated around USD 34.2 billion revenue in 2023.

  • Large organizations typically have a sizable workforce with diverse demographics, ranging from various age groups to different levels of physical fitness and health needs. Implementing corporate wellness programs allows these organizations to address the diverse wellness needs of their employees on a larger scale, potentially positioning them as dominant users in the corporate wellness market.  
  • Moreover, many large organizations have corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives aimed at giving back to society and promoting community well-being. Corporate wellness programs align with these CSR goals by demonstrating a commitment to supporting employee health and well-being, which can enhance the organization's reputation and social impact. Due to these reasons, large organizations are anticipated to become the most prominent end in corporate wellness market.

North America Corporate Wellness Market,  2020 – 2032 (USD Billion)

North America corporate wellness market size accounted for USD 25.3 billion in 2023.

  • There's a growing recognition of the importance and adoption of behavioral and mental health software by industry players. Employers are integrating mental health support services, such as counseling, stress management, and mindfulness programs, into their corporate wellness offerings to address the rising prevalence of mental health issues among employees. This increased emphasis on mental health in the region is anticipating driving the market growth.
  • Furthermore, in the competitive labor market of North America, offering comprehensive benefits packages, including wellness programs, is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. Job seekers prioritize employers that demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being, driving the demand for corporate wellness initiatives.

Corporate Wellness Market Share

The corporate wellness industry is competitive in nature, with several large multinationals and small and mid-sized companies competing in the industry. The development and launch of novel advanced solutions based on different technologies is among a key market strategy. Some of the leading industry players including Cigna Healthcare, ComPsych Corporation, SOL Integrative Wellness Centre, Virgin Pulse, Wellsource Inc., and Central Corporate Wellness among others have a notable presence in the market.

Corporate Wellness Market Companies

Some of the eminent market participants operating in the corporate wellness industry include:

  • Aduro
  • Castlight Health
  • Central Corporate Wellness
  • Cigna Healthcare
  • ComPsych Corporation
  • Corehealth Technologies Inc.
  • Exos
  • Marino Wellness
  • Privia Health
  • SOL Integrative Wellness Centre
  • Truworth Wellness
  • Virgin Pulse
  • Wellsource Inc.

Corporate Wellness Industry News

  • In January 2024, Virgin Pulse and HealthComp, a subsidiary company of Virgin Pulse, introduced a new personalized health platform. This platform intends to address the issues of increasing healthcare costs and complexity. This strategy may spread more awareness about the company in the corporate wellness market and improve its market reach.
  • In August 2023, Cigna Healthcare and Virgin Pulse have collaborated to launch a personalized digital experience aimed at enhancing health and vitality for individuals. The new platform empowers customers to set personal health goals, track daily metrics, and receive real-time feedback and guidance based on their data. This strategy may improve the company’s market positioning and attract more customers.

The corporate wellness market research report includes an in-depth coverage of the industry with estimates & forecast in terms of revenue in USD Million from 2018 to 2032 for the following segments:

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Market, By Service Type

  • Health risk assessment
  • Fitness
  • Smoking cessation
  • Health screening
  • Nutrition & weight management
  • Alcohol/substance services
  • Stress management
  • Other services

Market, By Category  

  • Fitness & nutrition consultants
  • Psychological therapists
  • Organizations/Employers

Market, By Delivery Model

  • Onsite
  • Offsite

Market, By End-use

  • Large scale organizations
  • Medium scale organizations
  • Small scale organizations

The above information has been provided for the following regions and countries:

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • UK
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • Australia
    • South Korea
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
    • Argentina
    • Rest of Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa
    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Africa
    • UAE
    • Rest of Middle East and Africa


Authors: Mariam Faizullabhoy, Gauri Wani

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The market size of corporate wellness reached USD 67.8 billion in 2023 and is set to witness 5.7% CAGR from 2024 to 2032, owing to the rising adoption of wellness programs and the growing awareness regarding employee health and well-being.

The organizations/employers segment accounted for USD 38.4 billion in revenue in 2023, due the surging adoption of wellness programs by employers to accommodate the needs of remote workers.

North America market size was USD 25.3 billion in 2023, attributed to the growing recognition of the importance and adoption of behavioral and mental health software by industry players in the region.

Some of the top corporate wellness companies are Aduro, Castlight Health, Central Corporate Wellness, Cigna Healthcare, ComPsych Corporation, Corehealth Technologies Inc., Exos, Marino Wellness, Privia Health, SOL Integrative Wellness Centre, Truworth Wellness, Virgin Pulse, and Wellsource Inc.

Corporate Wellness Market Scope

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