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3D scanning industry
Unveiling the application gamut of 3D scanning industry: Technology proliferation in entertainment to revolutionize the business landscape

Published Date: Sep 21, 2017

The realm of 3D scanning, once a fantasy, has now metamorphosed into an undeniable phenomenon, 3D scanning industry, endorsed by a barrage of conventional and off-beat application arenas, stands to gain a superfluity of fame and fortune, that is quite overtly conspicuous from the extensive profiling of applications that 3D scanning caters to. While the technology has proliferated across the medical, military, aerospace, manufacturing, and archite...
Pumped hydro storage industry
Pumped hydro storage industry to add a remarkable dynamism to power generation sector, Estimates claim a coveted revenue of USD 350 billion by 2024

Published Date: Sep 21, 2017

Endorsed with a powerful record of efficient power generation, pumped hydro storage industry demand is witnessing a rather escalated curve in global renewable energy space. Pertaining to the fact that solar and wind energy generation systems are dependent on the weather, in recent times, countries have unearthed the power of hydro-electricity. It has in fact, come to the fore, that most regions have been giving preference to hydro-electric power ...
Gas Water Heater Industry
Two pivotal trends prevalent in gas water heater industry: product exploitation in smart homes to characterize the market landscape

Published Date: Sep 15, 2017

Rheem’s yesteryear announcement of integrating its products with Nest Thermostat is an apt instance of gas water heater industry depicting the signs of penetrating the home automation arena. A profound vertical of the water heater sphere, gas water heater market has been garnering an appreciable momentum in recent times, as is evident from the numerous innovations brainstormed by reputed corporations. The incorporation of the Nest Learning ...
head protection industry
Top trends impacting head protection industry: Illustrating the predominance of the Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainability on the business landscape

Published Date: Sep 11, 2017

The perspective of head protection industry has undergone an enterprising change in the recent years. Safety measures have become a vital axiom in the manufacturing sector, subject to strict regulations regarding workplace safety and the rising number of workplace accidents. Companies engaged in head protection industry, as observed of late, have been bending over backwards to establish strategic collaborations with their counterparts, in a bid t...
 Bioreactor Market
An insight into the end-use landscape of bioreactor industry, Biopharmaceutical manufacturers and CMOs profoundly impacting the profitability quotient

Published Date: Sep 11, 2017

Bioreactor industry is one amongst the few vibrant business spaces where technology and innovations aptly outlines the key to opportunities and profitability. Major enterprises have been consistently investing in mergers and acquisitions to bring improvisations in the product portfolio and stimulate the business growth. The recent collaboration of Sartorius Stedim Biotech, a leading name in global bioreactor market, with U.S. based pharmaceutical...
solar tracker industry
A concise insight into solar tracker industry with regards to the regional frame of reference and the contribution of leading behemoths toward business expansion

Published Date: Sep 8, 2017

The meteoric rise of solar tracker industry has been the subject of contention for a while now, given the extensive proliferation of solar power in the renewable energy cosmos. Solar energy presently stands nearly at the top of the energy mix pyramid, having contributed extensively toward the generation of power across myriad geographies, which is in fact, a major driver propelling the growth path of solar tracker industry. While PV panels have b...
ENT devices market
North America to continue ruling global ENT devices market landscape, technology interventions to strongly characterize the commercialization portfolio

Published Date: Sep 6, 2017

An intricate vertical of the overall medical device space, ENT devices market has certainly brought about a commendable revolution in the overall healthcare fraternity. The progressive pathway depicted by ENT devices industry is vividly evident from the estimates that claim this business sphere to have garnered a valuation of more than USD 16.7 billion in 2015. Lately, the medical device realm is ablaze with an abundance of innovations by renowne...
Ring main unit industry
A comprehensive roadmap of ring main unit industry in terms of the product spectrum and the commercialization potential across the Asia Pacific

Published Date: Sep 5, 2017

Ring main unit industry has garnered a significantly high traction over the past few years, primarily on account of the critical need for power supply across the globe. The surging demand for electricity for myriad purposes has necessitated the requirement of highly innovative and efficient electrical components such as transformers, generators, distribution systems, switches, and ring main units. As the demands for electricity continue to surge,...
Neurovascular Devices industry
Neurovascular Devices industry driving a breakthrough in the medical devices sector

Published Date: Sep 4, 2017

Neurovascular devices industry, one of the most integral domains of the medical equipment business landscape, of late, has been combating with pricing pressure in an ambiance where hospital systems and payers yield greater influence.  As health insurers and governments of developing & developed nations take measures to limit surgical cost, public hospitals are operating at tighter budgets, while private clinics are getting lower reimburs...
Smart clothing industry defining the future of wearables, fashion-technology fusion to characterize the industry landscape
Smart clothing industry defining the future of wearables, fashion-technology fusion to characterize the industry landscape

Published Date: Aug 31, 2017

With IOT having metamorphosed the profitability landscape of practically every industry, smart clothing industry is pioneering as the next big thing in this revolution queue. The industry is profoundly scripting its evolution tale with the tech-fashion makeover. Demonstrating an appreciable equation between electronics & textile industries, smart clothing market is slated to transform the commercialization spectrum of the global wearable...
Top two megatrends defining industrial floor coatings market: ‘Go-green’ notion to stimulate the industry dynamics over 2017-2024
Top two megatrends defining industrial floor coatings market: ‘Go-green’ notion to stimulate the industry dynamics over 2017-2024

Published Date: Aug 30, 2017

The profitability quotient of industrial floor coatings industry is forecast to escalate in the ensuing years, augmented by the expanding construction sector. As per a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. the overall construction spending was approximately around USD 7 trillion in 2015, and is foreseen to cross USD 13 trillion by the end of 2023. Flooring being an integral part of any construction project, it is quite evitable that the...
Leather Chemicals Industry
A concise insight into leather chemicals industry in terms of the application landscape, with the footwear sector being a prominent growth avenue

Published Date: Aug 30, 2017

Leather chemicals industry, collectively alleged by experts to be one of the fastest growing businesses across the globe, is highly consumer-driven. The usage of leather dates back to the Neolithic era, with the rise of the animal husbandry sector, where animal hides had been scrapped off and utilized for a variety of commercial purposes. Today, centuries later, leather is still used massively across the garments, furniture, automotive, and footw...
Animal feed additives industry
Unveiling the product scope of animal feed additives industry in conjunction with the future potential of this market

Published Date: Aug 30, 2017

In recent times, animal nutrition has assumed a role far bigger than anticipated – a factor that has accelerated animal feed additives industry. Consumers across the globe have lately developed a palate for protein pertaining to a slew of related determinants, such as increased awareness with regards to health, the role of proteins & other nutrients in augmenting immunity, a change of lifestyle standards, and rising disposable incomes. ...
Animal feed enzymes industry profitability portraying a win-win vista for producers and consumers
Top trends impacting clinical trial management system industry: IoT and digitization to have a transformative influence on the market growth

Published Date: Aug 30, 2017

Adventist Health System’s partnership with Bio-Optronics is an exemplar precedent underlining the expansion of clinical trial management system industry. Recently inked, this agreement encompassed the initial roll-out of the Clinical Conductor CTMS at two of AHS’s research institutes, along with a CTMS-EMR integration with Cerner Millennium that will apparently enhance the process efficiency and offer streamlined clinical trials as pe...
Specialty Chemicals Market
A comprehensive sketch of specialty chemicals industry in terms of the regional landscape: APAC to emerge as the next hot investment destination

Published Date: Aug 21, 2017

The recent commissioning of a new specialty chemicals plant in Saudi Arabia by Dow and Aramco will have a major impact on specialty chemicals industry, given that geographical expansion is one of the key growth strategies adopted by vital industry players. The chemicals giant and the Saudi petroleum behemoth have jointly established this integrated chemical production complex which is dubbed as one of the world’s largest ones, constructed i...
offshore wind market
Offshore wind market representing a new dawn in the renewable energy cosmos, transforming the wind energy economics

Published Date: Aug 21, 2017

Global offshore wind market has truly gained velocity in the recent past, and is currently in the midst of a rapid growth trend. In the worldwide quest for clean and sustainable energy sources, wind power is becoming incredibly significant to the global energy mix. Today, wind energy is considered as one of the most mature renewable energy sources, having come a long way since its first validation in Denmark, around two decades ago. The Global Wi...
Metamaterial Technologies Industry
A broad insight into metamaterial technologies industry with respect to the extensive application spectrum and the appreciable contribution of major industry giants.

Published Date: Aug 21, 2017

The recent collaboration between Lockheed Martin & Metamaterial Technologies Inc. marks a breakthrough in metamaterial technologies industry. In June 2017, MTI, a smart materials & Photonics firm based in Canada, and Lockheed Martin signed a pact worth USD 5.6 million to develop a new product referred as metaSOLARTM, which assimilates advanced materials into its highly efficient, ultralight NanoWeb® technology that is likely to find a...
Healthcare 3D Printing Industry
An all-inclusive summary of healthcare 3D printing industry in terms of the application landscape and the challenges and opportunities pertaining to the market

Published Date: Aug 21, 2017

Healthcare 3D printing industry is set to develop from being a niche domain to a viable alternative for the traditional processes that have been reigning the medical space so far. Healthcare fraternity is one such business space where the impact of innovations and technological breakthroughs has always been transformational, considering the continuous improvement in surgical processes, drug development, and overall patient specific well-being. 3D...
Animal feed enzymes industry profitability portraying a win-win vista for producers and consumers
Animal feed enzymes industry profitability portraying a win-win vista for producers and consumers

Published Date: Aug 16, 2017

Animal feed enzymes industry has persistently been in a flux. Feed nutritional profile, consumer demand, animal production profitability, and environmental indexes are the principle rationales influencing the commercialization matrix of this business space. It was in mid-1980s to mid-1990s when the animal feed enzymes market enrolled in the commercialized sectors after validating the benefits of enzymes with regards to enhancing the profitability...
Five major trends in digital health industry to watch out for in 2017 and beyond
Five major trends in digital health industry to watch out for in 2017 and beyond

Published Date: Aug 11, 2017

Digital health market has rightly proved to be an optimal neutral territory seamlessly blending in genomic and digital technologies to enhance healthcare delivery and improve personalized care. The inherent evolution of digital health industry is evident from a recent news snippet that created waves of acclaim across this business space - Australia's initiative to mandate e-health records for all citizens. The news made it to the headlines wh...
orthopedic devices industry
A synopsis of orthopedic devices industry dynamics: Industry to be characterized by strategic collaborations and an ironclad regulatory landscape

Published Date: Aug 10, 2017

The past decade has brought in unprecedented advancements in the medical devices business space, orthopedic devices market being no exception. A transformational shift with respect to the value chain has been observed lately in global orthopedic devices industry, from a volume-based approach to one that is outcome-based, centered around patient care and wellness. The presence of a strong regulatory framework, the advent of highly-advanced technol...
industrial eye protection market
An in-depth overview of industrial eye protection market: Scrutinizing the regulatory landscape & the material trends contributing toward the industry development

Published Date: Aug 9, 2017

Hoya’s recent acquisition of Performance Optics marks the outset of another lucrative journey for the former in industrial eyewear protection market. This acquisition grants Hoya the rights to Daemyung Optical and Vision Ease (the subsidiaries of Performance Optics) as well, thereby enhancing Hoya’s already enviable portfolio, and helping to expand the reach of its Vision Care division. Performance Optics, already a renowned name in t...
Alpha Lipoic Acid Market
A critical analysis of alpha lipoic acid industry trends: a niche yet potent business arena

Published Date: Aug 9, 2017

Alpha Lipoic Acid Industry has been one of the most debatable business fraternities with regard to its bio-diversified applications. The industry is strongly characterized by heavy R&D investments which emphasize on not only enhancing the application spectrum of the compound but also gathering substantiations to certify the results. Speaking of the commercialization of alpha lipoic acid market, this business procured a major share from its ap...
flexographic printing inks industry
A meticulous abstract of flexographic printing inks industry in terms of the robustly fragmented competitive landscape, with sustainability emerging as the preeminent industry driver

Published Date: Aug 4, 2017

One of the most renowned, opportunistic, and rapidly evolving business spheres of recent times, flexographic printing inks industry is heavily influenced by the changing trends in flexible packaging. It is no surprise therefore, that the development of flexible packaging industry is directly proportional to the growth of this business space. Statistics bear evidence to this correlation - the year 2013 witnessed flexible packaging market size to b...
Liquid Pouch Packaging Industry
Top three trends influencing liquid pouch packaging industry outlook: An in-depth analysis of the global industry expansion

Published Date: Aug 4, 2017

Increased versatility in marketing techniques in the retail space is leading to a dynamic shift in liquid pouch packaging industry pertaining to the impact that distribution channels are creating on this business landscape. Technology has made a strong imprint in the overall packaging space, which is evident from the broad portfolio of numerous packaging formats including stand up pouches, pillow pouches, spout pouches, quad seal block bottom pou...
Silicone elastomers market
Silicone elastomers market likely to achieve a colossal industry valuation by 2023 positively influenced by the expanding electrical & electronics sector

Published Date: Aug 2, 2017

Silicone elastomers market, one of the most rapidly evolving industries of recent times, has achieved considerable financial acclaim over the last few years, pertaining to the robust R&D activities undertaken in the 3D printing industry. This factor is demonstrated by the recent announcement of a new process that enables 3D silicone printing. Fresh off the boat, a news snippet reports that the ETH Zurich Researchers have used 3D printing tech...
breastfeeding accessories market
An exhaustive synopsis of breastfeeding accessories market: Breast pumps to accrue a sizable proportion of the overall industry revenue

Published Date: Aug 1, 2017

The inflation on the part of consumer spending, especially on mother care, has brought about a phenomenal change in breastfeeding accessories market, which is quite evident from the estimates – the industry size was pegged at USD 650 million in 2016. Over the recent years, breastfeeding accessories market has achieved immense value, with its products gaining global prominence, especially among lactating mothers. Global breastfeeding accesso...
Gourmet salt industry
Gourmet salt industry stands to gain massive proceeds through hefty product merchandising, industry giants to unleash profitable opportunities pertaining to rising business acclaim

Published Date: Jul 25, 2017

Riding on the hallmark of trending flavors, gourmet salt industry has been undoubtedly experiencing a period of triumph of late, with consumers and restaurateurs seeking to unlock their culinary potential.  In an era of where the hospitality sector is fueled by ingredient driven cuisine, consumers are presumably more interested in what the ingredients have to offer in terms of taste as well as the health factor. The growing popularity of gou...
Laser materials Market to establish new progressive frontiers with an ever-evolving gamut of stellar applications
Laser materials Market to establish new progressive frontiers with an ever-evolving gamut of stellar applications

Published Date: Jul 24, 2017

Essentially focused on channeling the broad utilization scope of laser technology, laser materials market, in all probability, is poised to achieve a paramount upswing in the ensuing decades. It is no novelty that the advent of laser technology has created a plethora of opportunities for leading behemoths across numerous industries to penetrate laser industry by unleashing the myriad applications of this unique & nearly flawless mechanism. In...
Global Eyewear Market - An insight of the aggressively changing product dynamics
Global Eyewear Market - An insight of the aggressively changing product dynamics

Published Date: Jul 24, 2017

With the culmination of nearly two decades in the 21st century, the contribution of eyewear market toward global economy has been rather commendable. Investors are betting big on the business of eyewear manufacturing, with its growing popularity of late. Sources estimate that this global industry encompassing frames, contact lenses, and plano glasses will record a massive valuation of nearly USD 165 billion by the end of 2022. Demographic challen...
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