Research Services

As a multi-faceted organization with a foothold in market research and management consulting, our service portfolio comprises a combination of products and services to meet our clients' needs

Industry Reports

Our in-depth market research reports enable clients to access accurate, detailed data and integrated business insights. Through our robust research methodology, reports include quality market forecasts and are designed for use in various industries.

Our team of research professionals track key industries and identify critical developments and potential growth opportunities. Our reports are designed to provide a clear understanding of the business environment by systematically breaking down the marketplace to highlight areas of interest to our clients.

Off-the-rack research

We offer comprehensive and insightful market research reports, uniquely designed via a comprehensive methodology. Our research team deploys extensive data mining and strong validation practices in conjunction with iterative primary research to determine accurate values. We specialize in conducting in-depth interviews with industry experts to help validate research and formulate comprehensive reports.

Global Market Insights (GMI) comprises detailed coverage of the industry on a global level, inclusive of the technology and regulatory landscapes, region-centric market impact forces, competitive spectrum, strategies undertaken by the industry leaders, and more.

GMI publishes over 200 industry research reports annually, providing the data points mentioned below:

  • Industry Research
  • Market Sizing & Forecast
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Pricing Trends
  • Sustainability Trends
  • Customer Insights
  • Technology Evolution
  • Innovation Trends
  • Distribution Channel Assessment
Custom research

Our customized research solutions provide deliverables that are tailored to meet specific client requirements and to facilitate project goals. We understand the need for distinctive research requirements and are equipped to provide actionable insights through in-depth, segment-focused reports. Our customized report delivery contains competitive benchmarking studies and mapping-based research to provide personalized insights to clients.

At GMI, we provide clients with the option of designing bespoke solutions, as opposed to selecting the subject matter from a pre-existing stockpile of content, to chart out exclusive, custom-made reports spanning a massive playing field.

Research Subscription Practice

Organizations often require the services of a dedicated team of analysts to focus solely on their research needs. Our team will work directly with your organization to address your specific requirements, saving you time and the process of recruitment and training.


  • Dedicated team with 24/7 support
  • Analyst support for ad-hoc research requirements
  • Regular briefings and periodic deliverables
  • Options for creating custom research projects
  • Access to research studies and industry databases at a reduced cost
Consulting Practice

Our consulting practice engages with clients throughout the entire strategy process. From idea design to implementation, we offer solutions to our clients' fundamental problems. In addition, our knowledge can guide businesses through growth platform design, technology scouting studies, IP tracking, customer insight and competitive intelligence exercises.


  • Growth Opportunity Assessment (GOA)
  • Customer Insights (CI)
  • Competitive Business Intelligence (CBI)
  • Distribution Channel Assessment (DCA)
Technology Consulting

At GMI, we specialize in providing a dynamic, exclusive approach to help our clients leverage technology advancements and propel their business toward success. We recognize that every industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Our goal is to assist clients in leveraging this trend to maximize cost savings and implement best sustainability practices.

Our technology consulting services are geared towards established players and market entry aspirants alike. We offer our clients strategic IP and R&D management services, exploration of open innovation technologies while providing the convenience of in-depth techno-economic feasibility studies to scrutinize the viability of business proposals.

Growth Consulting

Modern business needs are constantly evolving. Our growth consulting services offer innovative solutions to ensure our clients stay ahead of the market. We help to plan comprehensive strategic approaches, comprising highly detailed diversification studies while carving out a dynamic go-to-market roadmap that offers critical insights on pricing tactics, product branding, customer engagement techniques, and other major pain points.

To empower clients to seamlessly implement business strategies, GMI assists in outlining detailed balance scorecards and organizational structures to monitor business performance and manage task allocation. We help business owners expand their professional pursuits through dynamic growth strategies and competency development services.