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What isGMIPulse?

GMIPulse is an online platform that enables clients to access multiple market research products in a single, logical framework. With GMIPulse, clients have instant access to the following Global Market Insights products:

  • Full-scale market research reports
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What does GMIPulse Offer?

  • A one-stop platform for all our clients’ market research needs
  • The ability to realize a complete understanding of industry ecosystems
  • Access to authentic and granular market data
  • Detailed company profiles and competitive landscape breakdowns
  • Technology tracking and their industry impacts
  • Custom client profiles to realize needs and opportunities

GMIPulse is a personalized library, providing our clients direct access to purchased reports as well as a gateway to explore the latest releases, industry triggers and upcoming GMI launches. By using our comprehensive database of premium industry reports, our clients receive the benefit of a curated experience that meets their business needs.


Aerospace & Defense

One of the major end-user industries worldwide, the aerospace & defense sector contributes heavily to the global economy. GMI provides up-to-date reports pertaining to the same, inclusive of the changing regulatory scenario prevalent in this industry. In addition, our reports include data-backed research on the latest purchase patterns, manufacturing technologies, new product launches, implementation of sustainability practices, recent efforts to reduce the depreciation quotient of aircraft components & the like, and most importantly, the adverse impact of COVID-19 on this sector and its ramifications.

Automotive & Transportation

The automotive & transportation sector is considered to be one of the most revolutionary industries since the 20th century. GMI provides highly detailed research reports on the automotive domain, with in-depth impact analysis of the factors and scenarios responsible for value chain disruption in the industry. We also provide details on the latest strategies deployed by the major players to compete and thrive in an industry characterized by the presence of disruptive technologies such as connected vehicles, autonomous driving, etc.

Bulk and Specialty Chemicals

The global bulk and specialty chemicals domain is a highly diversified, mammoth industrial sector. The excessive demand for high-grade chemicals across an array of application fields on account of changing consumer lifestyles has been considerably driving the industry growth. GMI offers updated research reports on the bulk and specialty chemicals sector with a specific focus on the challenges faced by this industry, including the impact on the availability of raw materials brought on by transportation restrictions worldwide, price fluctuations and their ramifications on the value chain, and manufacturing restrictions impacting sales of lifestyle products.

Electronics and Media

On the cusp of consistent progress since the last three decades, the electronics and media sector has lately witnessed major innovations. We offer well-articulated reports on the same while highlighting the growth markers as well as the challenges in existence, including the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the industry. We also call attention to how the disruption in the value chain has been impacting semiconductor fabrication and electronic manufacturing practices, in addition to specifying the requirement of a more robust telecom and data center infrastructure to meet the increasing demands for bandwidth.

Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas

The energy sector plays a pivotal role in maintaining infrastructure and streamlining the functioning of most commercial practices in the industrial world. Having recognized the requirements of energy stakeholders globally, we at GMI offer market research reports comprising up-to-the-minute developments in this field. We specialize in encompassing detailed information on the industry impact forces, such as the delay/cancellation of upcoming drilling sites, non-availability of equipment due to supply chain disruption, renewable energy management, & CAPEX reduction across O&G and power infrastructure.

Food, Nutrition and Animal Feed

The F&B industry is one of the largest consumer-oriented sectors worldwide and has exhibited consistent progress in the last decade. Despite its larger-than-life growth quotient globally, the domain is fraught with challenges. Here, we offer you in-depth reports that depict how changing consumer buying behavior, changing policies governing animal feed demand, and manufacturing restrictions that may lead to lack of availability of certain food products, are affecting this industry.

The F&B and animal feed sector has not remained unaffected by the pandemic. Our reports also illustrate the impact of the implementation of periodic lockdowns on the demand for certain food additives.

Healthcare & Medical Devices

The healthcare and medical devices sector has been on a trajectory of constant transformation for many years, although never to the same magnitude as that witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the same, we offer our clients, well-researched reports that encompass the latest developments in the field. Our reports are inclusive of the major impact of the pandemic on this industry, reflected in the burgeoning demand for medical devices and other healthcare products and services.

In addition, the reports include information on the changing competitive landscape, raw material supply disruption, impact of regulatory restrictions on medical device manufacturing and distribution, and rising adoption of digital health technologies.

HVAC and Construction

Rising environmental issues and subsequently changing trends in the sustainability landscape have led to a major transformation in the HVAC and construction industry in recent times. The rising rate of urbanization and infrastructure development has fueled the demand for construction materials as well as machinery. GMI offers well-crafted reports on the domain, highlighting the impact of value chain disruption on the sector and increased demand for consistent material supply. We also include information on the changing regulatory landscape, pricing patterns, loss mitigation, etc., along with the impact of COVID-19 on construction project deadlines, depreciation, raw material supply, etc.

Polymers and Advanced Materials

Highly capital-intensive, the polymers and advanced materials domain is reputed to be one of the largest, functioning industrialized sectors globally. GMI provides extensive reports on the same, detailing how the coronavirus pandemic has been instrumental in changing the dynamics of this domain. Our reports encompass details on the impact that value chain disruption has had on the demand for polymers and advanced materials, the requirement for more robust infrastructure planning, and the need for raw material supply consistency, given their ubiquity in product manufacturing.

Sustainable and Smart Technologies

The world has been making rapid strides into ‘smart technologies’, paving the way for a smart, digitally-powered future. The changing environmental scenario has created a pressing need for sustainability, making this domain one of the most robust sectors worldwide. GMI offers carefully updated research reports on the sustainable and smart technologies domain, focusing on how the changing landscape of the IT sector and increased spending on security practices will impact the industry growth. In addition, GMI also highlights the increase in the requirement for video conferencing and collaboration software across enterprises, brought on by the consistent implementation of social distancing and the eventual need for telecommuting.

GMIPulse Benefits

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Clients can benefit from a curated experience created using our comprehensive database of premium industry reports.

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