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Lubricants, Oils & Greases

Lubricants, oils & greases are high-viscosity substances that reduce friction between two surfaces. Grease is essentially a lubricant with a thickener or thickening agent dispersed in it. The thickening agent in grease holds the base oil and additives together. Lubricants & oils are used in high-speed applications while grease is used in heavy-load applications. These products are primarily derived from petroleum feedstock or synthetic substances. However, owing to rising environmental awareness, they are increasingly produced from biomaterials such as vegetable oils, plant seeds, animal fats, and downstream esters. Lubricants, oils & greases find extensive use in the automotive, aerospace, marine, heavy equipment, metal working, general manufacturing, and power generation industries.

The market trends are converging toward renewability, biodegradability, nontoxicity, and bio-based feedstock to support the growing demand for sustainable products that contribute to a safer environment. Factors including technological advancements, strict regulations, and changing consumer preferences should drive the demand for biobased lubricants.


  • Increasing awareness about the environmental benefits of bio-oils such as non-toxicity, biodegradability, and renewability to drive the bio-oil market
  • Growing preference for lightweight high-performance fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Manufacturer preference for durability and productivity in machinery


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Published: July 2024   

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