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Protective face masks meet unprecedented challenges in COVID-19 era

Published Date: Jun 11, 2021

At a time when the world is battling to get through the dreaded coronavirus pandemic, protective face masks have come out to be the simplest, most economical, and highly effective ally in the war against the infection. The trend of protective face masks has surfaced with a stronger jolt of coronavirus being felt across various economies in terms of the elevating mortality rate and paralyzing economic values.   Significant efforts are tak...

Tapping into the current trends in global pet care industry

Published Date: Jun 10, 2021

Globally, pet care industry is shaping up to be a lucrative domain owing to a widespread pet adoption trend. At a time when seamless access to veterinary care has ushered innovation, pet care companies are expected to harness technology and explore new business models to boost consumer reach. According to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey of the America Pet Products Association, around 85 million households had a pet, indicating the tremen...

Top 3 trends to watch out for in industrial air compressor market

Published Date: Jun 10, 2021

Industrial evolution in emerging economies, coupled with robust product usage in nearly every heavy industry worldwide will trigger a surge in demand for industrial air compressors in the years ahead.   Industrial air compressors are essential tools for the proper functioning of manufacturing and industrial plants worldwide. With a firm presence in nearly every major industry, compressed air is often touted as the fourth key utility, in ...

Golf Cart Market - Key drivers, challenges, trends to watch out for in 2021 and beyond

Published Date: Jun 4, 2021

Golf carts market is witnessing significant demand across myriad applications worldwide, with the utility of these compact vehicles gradually transcending beyond simply shuttling players and their equipment across golf courses. The vehicle is used for short-distance transport solutions in ranches, hotels, resorts, multi-family housing properties, and industrial sites, among others. This, in turn, has substantially broadened the application scope ...

Automakers tap electric buses to address growing demand for environmental sustainability

Published Date: Jun 4, 2021

Electric bus industry is on the cusp of transforming commercial mobility worldwide, even across countries where sustainable transport solutions are just gaining acceptance. Ongoing concerns regarding global warming and rising CO2 emissions has urged nations to switch to green mobility, sparking the demand for electric vehicles (EVs). Being a sustainable mode of transportation, an electric bus can significantly reduce GHG emissions whilst lowering...

Growing trend of DIY projects and the future of home improvement market

Published Date: Jun 3, 2021

Global home improvement market size is expected to record consistent growth through 2027. Home renovation projects are adding fillip to the U.S. construction sector with increasing emphasis on the remodeling of external structures, including lawns, garages and gardens. Citing the U.S. government data, the National Association for Home Builders asserts that new single-family and multifamily construction used around $94.9 billion in building produc...

Prebiotics consumption expands in food and beverage applications – key nutritional benefits drive the ingredient demand

Published Date: Dec 17, 2018

One of the most rapidly progressive verticals of the global nutrition space, prebiotics market has come a long way since its inception, having now emerged as a niche entity in itself. With the increasing consumer spending on food and beverage products, the global prebiotics market has been expanding at a steady rate over the last few years. A gradual rise in consumer awareness regarding the benefits of including fiber rich food in their...

Lithium ion batteries continue to gain phenomenal traction in the automotive sector - need for alternate energy sources to reinforce the trend

Published Date: Apr 15, 2021

In an era where clean energy is continually being propagated, lithium ion battery industry has been gaining exceptional prominence, given that the product is extensively used in phones, computers, cordless power tools, battery operated vehicles, and more. The popularity of this business space has been validated through a recent instance, when smart battery systems firm Forsee Power introduced its next-generation extra-thin lithium-ion batteries i...

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